Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Fall!

Since it is the first week of fall, maybe I can pick things back up on the blog... ???
Is this a statement or question?
I am definitely questioning myself, but let's just go ahead and say it is a statement.

Some of you have noticed I added Instagram to my life.  Holy shit, I love that little app so much!  I want to Instagram my whole life.  You'll see the feed over on the right hand side --->
You can also follow me at heatherbeth424.  I'll try to keep it interesting over there.

Unfortunately I do not have an iPhone, so I post my pictures via my iPad.  It is kind of a pain because I have to upload pics from my camera using an SD card reader.  Or if the pictures are coming from my phone (BlackBerry) I need to email them to myself and then save to the iPad.  In reality the whole process is easy and painless.  I think I like complaining about my lack of an iPhone more than anything else.  Yet I am not about to pay for a phone when I get one for "free".  Work pays for the BlackBerry, so don't judge me thinking I would buy a BlackBerry over an iPhone :)
Any BlackBerry users out there know a better way to post to Instagram? 

The fall weather has yet to make its way down to South Florida.  Today it is 89 degrees and really humid.

This picture is basically a representation of what my glasses and sunglasses look like the moment I step out of air conditioning.  Not annoying at all. 
We definitely have another month or so of this weather.  Awesome.

I went to Maine this past weekend and enjoyed some fall weather.
I got to wear socks, real shoes and a fleece.  It was all lovely and felt kind of like this:
There were still a lot of green leaves, but they are definitely changing!  Fall is the best.

You know what else is the best?  The TV show Veep.  Holy cow, it is hilarious.
I saw a few episodes on a flight and a cruise I was on recently (recaps up next) and purchased the first season when I got home. 
All of the ridiculousness that you would imagine goes on in politics is highlighted in this show.  It's great.

Well that is enough randomness for today.

What's new with you?


  1. Yay for fall!! Instagram is one I haven't fallen for yet, it's probably because I don't have a smart phone. I love fall around these parts I just hope I'm able to do some running this fall!

  2. I love instagram!!

    I'm forcing The H to take us up to Sequoia Natl Park in a few weeks to hopefully spy some fall prettiness. Sadly, I'm hearing that fall has hit early up there so I might miss the colored leaves. Womp.

    Welcome back? :D