Monday, March 26, 2012

Teenybopper Loser Right Here

Who went to see The Hunger Games this weekend?
$155 million worth of people raise their hand...

Who went to see The Hunger Games TWICE this weekend?
This is where I need to raise my hand.

My original plan was to wait until Saturday afternoon to go and see it.
I literally have no will power over anything, so I obviously went to see it right after work on Friday.
7:30pm in a theater full of teens was my worst nightmare realized.
I eventually grew to love their very vocal reactions to the movie, because mine were the exact same :)

Have you read the books? Have you seen the movie?
If your answer is "no" to either question, and you don't want things spoiled, stop reading now.

There will be spoilers.

You have been warned.

I like to save the best for last, so....
What I hated:
The omission of Madge giving Katniss the pin, I really hated that she just got it in The Hob. Boring.
For those that did see the movie and not read the books... Could you follow it at all? I felt like so much was left out just on the assumption that everyone read the book.
No matter what hype was built up around this movie, the book is ALWAYS better. Always.
Having said that, I thought the beginning of the movie went too fast. I wanted more time with Haymitch, Cinna, Effie, Peeta and Katniss all together. These characters rock... More, more, more!
Hated the omission of the District 11 bread sent to Katniss and the time with Peeta and Katniss in the arena.

The actors in their roles were so flawlessly perfect, I just absolutely loved them all. Suzanne Collins really wrote characters that draw you in.
Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss. Period.
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch and Lenny Kravitz as Cinna were just so fabulous there are no words.
Even Gale, Rue, Thresh, Cato, Clove and Glimmer... All great and just right.
Stanley Tucci.... What isn't he fan-freaking-tastic in? If he is in a movie I know it's gonna be great. He IS all his characters. Caesar Flickerman - check!
The movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes and flew by. I know some reviews will say otherwise, but I disagree.
Recreating the different settings from The Seam to The Capitol was amazing. Not crazy over the top but really just right.
One thing I really loved about the movie is that we saw things from someone other than Katniss' point of view. She was the main POV of the book, but I liked seeing Haymitch do his negotiating behind the scenes, what it looked like in the Gamesmakers Room, even incorporating President Snow,because he barely had any role in the book.

You may be wondering why I went to see the movie twice, right?
Well, since I had reread the book right before seeing the movie, I was totally judging every detail during the first time.
I don't regret this.
If I hadn't read the book again, the whole time I was watching the movie I would have been thinking "how did it go in the book?"
I remembered all the details....except for Thresh's death, but upon checking once I got home, they don't mention it in the book either.
I am dorky and embrace this.

Anyways... The second time around I just fully enjoyed the story and the characters.
But honestly, if the movie could have had every detail of the book acted out, I would have watched it not caring how long it would have been.

Did you see it?
What did you think?
Are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?

Team Peeta for me :). But also Team Cinna... Love Lenny Kravitz!

Anyone else start rereading 'Catching Fire'?
Obviously more dorkiness here.... I have! :)

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I ran the New York City half on Sunday.  It was amazing!  Loved every minute of it!
More to come later.

2.  Back in February, I took part in the Disney Princess half along with some other awesome princesses... Annette, Annie, Leah, Martha, Sue & Daniella.  Took soooo many pictures... still going through them all.  Stay tuned.

3.  Totally fired up for The Hunger Games this weekend.  Am re-reading the book this week to "prepare" for the movie.  I love being dorky!

3.5  Trying to decide if I should move to WordPress, any thoughts?