Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cutest Little Visitors

In April I had the two cutest visitors in Miami
Lily & Molly!

My sister braved the friendly skies with a 6 month old and a 4 year old to come hang out for 4 days in the warm weather.  It was so much fun!

We went to the Miami Children's Museum.  They had a cool exhibit on the 50 states.
Molly visited San Francisco
Lily visited the Grand Canyon

They even had a special playroom for kids under 1.
I can't even imagine how many germs were on that toy, but what the hell, I let her play all she wanted :)
We went to the American Girl store where Lily's Bitty Baby had a spa day.
This cracks me up, so funny!

Lily took a dance class.

And we had lunch in the Bistro.

Sarah & Lily feeding their babies

We also visited Zoo Miami, which I love!
I think this picture is so funny... big sister crabbing, little sister smiling.

For her first trip to Florida, I think Molly really enjoyed herself :)  She was so chill and always smiling. 

That baby girl knows vacations are good stuff!
I am heading to Maine for 4th of July and cannot wait to see these sweet girls!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

2012 Wine & Dine half marathon

So where were we?
Oh yes, I went on a cruise vacation with Mandy, Annie & Martha in March, posted a recipe and haven't blogged again :)
Taking a look back at the runDisney video for the 2012 Wine & Dine half marathon, this really is my favorite race.  I've run it all three years and I am signed up to run it again in November, can't wait!
Last year, Mandy was in Orlando for work so she decided to extend her time in Florida so she could run as well.  It was a fun weekend!  
Friday we spent all day, along with her co-worker Isabelle, going to 3 of the Disney parks.  I haven't done a park marathon like that in years.  It was fun & tiring! We ended the day with a late dinner at Il Mulino at the Swan resort.  I'd never eaten there before, but it was delicious.
Saturday we checked into the Yacht Club and spent the afternoon by the pool.  This is where we met up with Annette & Brian.  Annette was also running Wine & Dine.
We had an amazing room that looked right out onto the Boardwalk.  I'm not going to lie, we were super tempted to blow off the race, crack open a bottle wine and enjoy the Epcot fireworks from our balcony.  We even thought about just hanging out in the hotel room and then just jumping into the race for the last mile or so, since the course passes right by our hotel :)  
Of course we didn't do that because we are good girls.
Our shirts for the night were all flourescent colors... please know this makes us very, very cool.  
wow, this is super blurry
I kinda like love our bright shirts, not gonna lie.
Everything about the race was fine, well organized and all that jazz.
The coolest thing on the course... these lasers!
I took this pic off of Twitter, so if it is yours, let me know and I will credit it properly
They changed the finish line location for a third time, and I can't imagine why they would change it again, it was super organized.  It ended out in the Epcot parking lot basically in the same area as Princess, WDW half & the marathon.  The set-up is totally different though.  There were big tents for men & women to change in, they handed you a drink (beer, wine, soda) on our way out of the runner's area and then you could head back into Epcot for the post race party.
The weather was spectacular that night, even a little chilly, which I absolutely loved.
Epcot was open until 4am and Amanda & I were there until the end!
Since we weren't able to enjoy cocktails on our balcony Saturday night, we ordered up some bloody mary's to do so Sunday morning!
I told you our room was awesome!
Another relaxing day by the Beach & Yacht Club pool was had before we had to head home.
142 days to go until the 2013 Wine & Dine half!