Thursday, December 20, 2012

How does runDisney do it!?

So there I was sitting in the Antigua airport yesterday (how random.. Antigua?  it was a work trip) and before boarding the plane I decided to waste some time looking on Facebook.
What do I see?
This video...
After running Disneyland in both 2011 & 2012, I figured I was good (for now) with that race.
Oh my hell... I need to go back.
An Alice in Wonderland themed 10k & the Dumbo Double Dare if you do both the 10K and the half.

runDisney makes all their races sound so amazing...  What is a girl to do?!?!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Card Swap

This is the second year I have participated in Kim's card swap.

I am on Team Prancer, which included Kim, Heather & Maureen!
It is a fun way to connect with bloggers you have been following for awhile and also a great way to find new blogs.
Your cards are on the way ladies!
Thanks for organizing Kim!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catching Up!

Ok, so where were we?
Right!  Disneyland half marathon weekend.
Two weeks after returning from California, I headed up to Orlando to run the Miracle Miles 15K

Very inspirational race.  You are running to raise money for the tiny babies at the Winnie Palmer Children's Hospital NICU.  Since the race was three months ago, the one thing that still stands out to me was a sign that said something like "The tiny babies Thank You".  I saw it at a point in the race when I really wanted to walk.  But damn those tiny babies... they have it worse off than I, so I kept running ;)

The following weekend was the runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler.
80 degrees with 80% humidity at the 10pm start time.  Whoa.
I am usually a very sweaty person, but this night topped it all.  Absolutely soaked from head to toe once I was done.
Loved this course (the stretch on Osceola Parkway was a little boring, but other than that it was great).  Loved the after party.  Would totally recommend it to anyone.

The next week I went to Texas for a conference.
Before leaving on Saturday I was able to explore the Alamo
and the Riverwalk in San Antonio.
I was glad to see these places since I had never been, but I definitely don't plan on spending lots of time in Texas throughout my life.  No offense Texas.

The day after I returned from Texas I got to hang out with my good friend Matt, whom I had met in Alaska.  He is a fancy diplomat now.  Well he is stationed in Haiti, so I am not sure that part is fancy.
Anyways, he was in Miami for the weekend to go to the movies and stock up on stuff at Costco.  We only got to hang out for about an hour, but I am glad I saw him!

A few days later someone became a big sister!
So of course I headed to Maine to meet my new niece Molly!  Cutest, most kissable cheeks ever!
After being back in Miami for two whole days, I headed across the pond for a seminar at sea onboard one of our ships.
We got to visit Italy
Astrological Clock in Sicily

and Greece
Temple of Zeus with the Acropolis in the back ground - Athens
The original Olympic Stadium!

LOVED Mykonos!

and Turkey
ruins of Ephesus

We did work onboard... proof:

Great trip!  I love Europe!

Four days after my return from Europe, I headed back to WDW for the third running of the Wine & Dine half marathon.

Yup, this one and Disneyland are my two favorite runDisney events.  Oh, and probably Expedition Everest too :)
LOVE the Wine & Dine half.  It honestly gets better every year!

The next weekend I was able to visit with my friends Danielle & Bill when they passed through Miami before heading out on a cruise. They are always so much fun to visit with!

For Thanksgiving, I went to Annette's in Tampa and joined her family for turkey day in Orlando.
Thursday night Annette, Brian & I braved the Black Friday sales.
Oh my hell.  Toys R Us was my worst nightmare.
Target was awesome... Toys R Us not so much.
I told Toys R Us they should go check out how Target was running their operation and copy them.
Yeah, I am thinking Black Friday shopping is not for me.

All of last week I was onboard my company's newest ship as we had 2 two-night inaugural sailings for travel partners & media.  That was followed by a 3 night sailing for our sales meeting.
90% Exhausting.  10% Fun.

I am home this week cramming all my Christmas cheer into 5 days (cookies, gift wrapping & christmas cards) before I get on another ship on Saturday for one more seminar at sea.

I am really excited to relax in Maine for the holidays!