Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday

I love celebrity gossip.  
Thankfully, I am not the only one I know who loves it.  My three best friends love it, my sister loves it and my cousins Mandy & Laura love it.
When I was hanging out with Leah & Andrew last month, Andrew told Leah & I that when we talk about celebrity gossip, we act like we know these people.  Uh, duh... like who doesn't act like that when discussing all things celebrity?! :)
I have had a long standing subscription to US Weekly for years now.  I do enjoy this magazine and it takes me exactly 1.5 hours to get through an issue cover to cover.  Is this something to brag about?No, probably not, but it is enjoyable.
When I get together with Jamie, Leah & Annette for our annual girls weekend, there is always a plethora of magazines to choose from.  People, In Style, Life & Style... you get the picture.  On our weekends away we make gossiping our job.  It is good for the soul.
One thing I have learned from my travels is that the U.S. gossip magazines simply pale in comparison to British tabloids.  Hello! & Ok! are two of the most amazing celeb gossip magazines ever!  Luckily I can find them here in Miami, either at the airport or at News Cafe in South Beach, for the bargain price of $7 a pop!  Wow.  
$7 for a magazine is a bit rich for my blood, so do not think I buy these often... I am not that crazy for celebrity gossip. I did indulge in the latest issues of both though after that little Royal wedding.  Also, to be clear I buy the original British versions of Hello! & Ok!  Not the knock-of U.S. versions.  You can tell the difference by the size of the magazine.  The Brits print them much larger.
When my nose it not buried in my US Weekly, where do I go for my daily dose of celebrity gossip?  
What a great freaking website.  Check it out.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yoga Showed Me Who's Boss

Last night I did yoga for the first time in months.  Wow, yoga can really kick you in the ass... and your core and your legs. 
I have a Gaiam brand DVD called A.M. Yoga that I bought at Target about a year ago.  There are 5 different 20-minute segments.  Last night I did twists and hip openers.
Even though I haven't done yoga in awhile, I didn't realize how much I actually needed to do yoga.
My hamstrings have felt tight lately, but otherwise I have felt great, strong even... and I haven't had any pain in my left hip, which usually starts to get irritated as I up my running mileage. 
I could definitely feel every one of those twists in the first 20-minute segment.  Could really feel my core muscles stretching out, especially when I did Up Dog near the end.  After sitting at a computer every day at work all hunched over, it felt great to pull the muscles the other way. 
The Down Dogs and Forward Bends worked wonders on the backside of my legs.  After barely getting through the two segments and getting over the shock of how tight my body was I was relaxed and ready for bed!  Need to make sure I keep up this yoga thing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Marathon Training

I am all signed up for Marathon Training with TeamFootworks!
It is a 26 week training program for either the Disney Marathon on January 8th (me!) or the ING Miami Marathon on January 29th.  On the 29th I will run the half marathon since it is only two weeks after Disney, but it is also the most beautiful course ever and I do not want to miss out.
TeamFootworks is based out of South Miami and trains hundreds of people a year to run a half or full marathon.  They are expecting 800 people over the course of the fall.  Included in the program are pace groups and team leaders for the Saturday long runs, water stations along the course for our longer runs, clinics on various running topics and the hospitality tent with our own bag check, free massages and food & drink on the day of the ING Miami Marathon & Half Marathon.  They are even planning on running the Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon as a group, which is perfect because I was planning on running that with my co-worker (Trish we need to sign up!). 
I knew I wanted to join a running group this fall as I train for 26.2 miles.  Motivation will be needed to get through the 18, 20 and 22 mile runs.
I attended the info session last Thursday night and it was endearing to hear the concerns of people in attendance who are running their first half marathon.  Several wanted to make sure they were in the slowest pace groups to ensure they could keep up (you know they are gonna), some wanted to know how to figure out their pace, some had no idea what a singlet was (we get one as part of the group) and some didn't even know you get medals (um, it's all about the medal).  Remember that feeling when you first started running and had absolutely no idea about anything?  It is so sweet... to be that naive again!  It will be nice to see people accomplish something on race day that they never thought was attainable.
Training starts August 6th, but I will be out of town on vacation for the first two weeks of the program.  No worries though, I know I will keep up with my running over vacation because I have the Beach to Beacon 10K and a long run in Maine all planned out for that week.
Can't wait for my first group run on August 20th though... let's get this party started... 26.2 miles I am coming for ya!
P.S. 40 days until the Disneyland Half Marathon... yup I am THAT girl!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Let's Hug It Out Bitch

Who watched the season premiere of 'Entourage' last night?
I definitely did. Love... that... show.
My best friend Jamie had given me Season One for Christmas some years back and I have been hooked ever since.  She figured I would enjoy 'Entourage' since I loved visiting her in L.A., seeing all the touristy L.A. landmarks and was always on the lookout for celebrity sightings (never happened).  
If you have never seen the show, it is about a celebrity, Vincent Chase, and his entourage (manager, agent, driver and hanger-on washed up actor brother).  Also in the show, L.A. and all its famous and/or 'of the moment' locations are practically additional characters.  'Entourage' was created by Mark Wahlberg and is loosely based on his own life and his entourage.
In addition to a great core cast - Vince, Drama, E, Turtle, Ari, Lloyd, Mrs. Ari and Shauna; there have been so many cameos made over the last 7 seasons.  Tom Brady, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Ali Larter, Martin Scorsese, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Aaron Sorkin, Jerry Jones, Gus Van Sant, Malin Akerman, Jessica Simpson, Lamar Odom, Eminem etc.  Goes on and on.  Can't wait to see who makes appearances this season.
This season will also be its last.  It was cancelled by HBO, did you know that?
I did not.  I heard it on 'The Today Show' last week when they were interviewing the guys.
I am going to miss this show.  I will surely miss Ari, Vince's loud mouth, offensive agent, and all his snarky (yet hilarious) comments.  You can actually read through them all at: .  My 3 favorites are "F*cked", "Get Drama a Job" and "Fired at Last".  Perhaps just reading these quotes are not as funny as actually seeing them on the show, but I sure did get a kick out of them!
Before you click the link, please know Ari holds nothing back and bad words and offensive comments are his thing.  Just letting you know in case you don't like that sort of thing.
Did you know, supposedly Ari is based on real-life Hollywood agent Ari Emmanuel, brother of former Obama Chief-of-Staff and now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel?  True story.
If you watch the show, who are your favorite characters?
Ari for sure.  Even though he acts like a total asshole, he works hard and is a true family man.  
Also, Eric (E) because he is always trying to do the right thing, which I imagine would be hard in Hollywood, and Turtle, because he is quick witted, just super funny.
What do you think of Johnny Drama?
Most ridiculous person ever!  Kevin Dillon (who plays Drama) is fantastic in this part!
What was your favorite season or episode?  Worst season or episode?
I loved Seasons One, Five & Six.  Least favorite episodes was anything involving 'Medellin'... I know my sister agrees with me on this one :)
A video I just found on YouTube with Ari's best moments (my 3 favs are all in here).
Remember what I mentioned above...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday

One of my favorite things when planning for an upcoming race is receiving the Final Race Instructions!  This week I received them for the Beach to Beacon 10K I will be running on August 6th in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Of course I read them word for word, but since I will be running with my sister, brother-in-law, uncle and cousin (who all ran this last year), I figure I will just let them lead me around.
This is a popular race not only in Maine, but for people all over the world.  Like, even the Kenyans and the Ethiopians are going to be running.  They’ll be competing for the prize money.  I will get a t-shirt :)  There were 7,000 runners who signed up back in March and the race sold out in 8 minutes.  I am so glad my family all got in!
The race was started 14 years ago by Joan Benoit Samuelson (Cape Elizabeth resident & 1984 gold medalist in the women’s first Olympic marathon) and the race director is Dave McGillivray of Boston Marathon race director fame. 
Part of me wishes I could watch the elites run… I thought it was so exciting at the Boston marathon, but I am excited to run it myself.  This will be my first 10K – automatic PR! 
I just hope it cools off a little up there in the next few weeks.  The temperature in Cape Elizabeth today is 98 degrees, but feels like 100.  That is just crazy-talk.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Up in Smoke

Tuesday night I tried making this zucchini & squash fritter recipe.
It ended up looking like this...
I really have no idea how that happened.  They were just not cooking.  Just burning.
There are a few fritters leftover that I haven't destroyed, 
so I'll try them in the oven next time.  The look so good!
Since the stench of "burn" was so strong, I needed to light a candle...
By this time it was 8:30, so I just had a glass of wine, a spoonful of peanut butter, 
watched a documentary on PBS about the Royal Windsors and went to bed.  Blah.
Just to clarify, even though I watch PBS, I am 34 and not 74 :)  I do have to say the documentary was very good.  It was about Princess (now Queen) Elizabeth's wedding.

Yesterday I read this blog and saw she replaced the red sauce 
on her homemade pizza with ricotta and pesto... um, yum
So last night's dinner was far more successful than Tuesday night's!
Since I didn't have any Naan hanging around, 
I used an Arnold's sandwich thin for two mini pizzas - love these.
Also wasn't sure if the ricotta would be too dry so I warmed up a side of sauce.
No need for the sauce, the ricotta and pesto together were creamy deliciousness!
My current favorite pizza toppings are broccoli, mushrooms, avocados & grape tomatoes.

Do you ever try recipes you see on other people's blogs?
How do they turn out?
What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Any good documentaries to recommend? 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful day in downtown Miami!


I think these would be perfect!  If I win, I want the pink ones!  
Even if I don't win, I think I'll buy myself the pink ones!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Preparing for Wine & Dine

This weekend I received the latest email from runDisney about Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend.  Included in the email was the weekend program.
You can bet your bottom dollar that I have read this bad boy from cover to cover.  I mentioned before that I am a Disney dork, so this should really come as no surprise.
I am really excited to run this race again this year and I may or may not look like this right now.
I have never taken a picture with the Apple photo booth before, so fun!  
Totally don't even care that I look like a mess in the morning :)

Last year when I ran the Wine & Dine it was my first half marathon, so I definitely have a soft spot for this race.  I love the Disney Parks at night, my absolute favorite time to visit, so I really enjoyed this course.  Loved the electrical light parade floats, the Osbourne family light display at MGM (I’m old school) and the band they had on Osceola Parkway.  
It was also my first half marathon and I was really nervous, yet hopeful, I would make it through the race with minimal pain and actually enjoy myself a little bit.  Both were accomplished with hard work and planning on my part.
There were some complaints from the participants last year with this inaugural race, so here are my tips for having a great time at the event.  Since I do not work for Disney I can tell you exactly what I think and don’t have to be all nice and politically correct.
1.  Read the Final Race Instructions from Disney when they are emailed to you.  Absolutely every detail you will want to know is in there.  They do a great job communicating the logistics of their race weekend.  If you are wandering around like a lost child on race weekend, it is because you didn’t read the instructions.  Read them.  Also while you are at it, read the program from cover to cover… it’s already available. 
2.  While Disney gives great race instructions and preparation tips (absolutely above and beyond any other race) they are not going to run or walk the actual race for you.  BE PREPARED.  Do not let the guise of a Disney race fake you out.  You still need to get your body, on your own accord, through 13.1 miles to the finish line.  Does that freak you out?  Good.  Prepare yourself because it is not a walk in the park.  Disney races are first timer friendly, but 13.1 miles in the real world is still 13.1 miles at Disney. 
3.  On race weekend, take care of yourself.  Sure, you are likely at Disney on a family vacation of some sort, but on Saturday (the day of the race) you need to take care of yourself.  I saw a comment on runDisney’s Facebook page where someone said they ate lasagna at 5pm on race day and then did not feel good during the race.  Are you seriously kidding me?  And when I say “seriously” I really mean “f*cking” with a big dose of annoyance.   If I ate lasagna 5 hours before a race (Wine & Dine starts at 10pm), I wouldn’t feel great during the run either.  In fact, I may be pooping my pants at around mile 10 or so.  So ridiculous.  In this year’s program, Jeff Galloway outlines a great race day preparation routine.  Read it.  Live it.
Last year my family, friends and I had eaten our big meal that day at lunch.  By 4pm I was napping, woke up around 5:30ish, showered, then had a banana, power bar and water pre-race.  I felt great that night and had a blast.  Can you imagine that I figured all that out without Jeff Galloway’s help?  Common sense, people.
4.  There were some complaints about the 10pm start time (it’s too late).  Here’s a tip, you know the start time of the race before you sign up, so if you are not down with the time, don’t sign up.
For me, running at 10pm and being up until 3am was no different than waking up a 3am, running at 6am and retuning to the hotel by 10am for one of runDisney’s morning races.
You know the time of the race when you sign up.  BE PREPARED.
5.  Sure the race takes place in October and sure it is at night, but you are still running in Florida.  The weather at race time will likely not be cool or humidity free.  Last year’s temp was around 75 degrees.  I was psyched about this, as come October, anything feels better to me than 95 degrees with 90% humidity.  Plus I love the night race since there is no sun.  The sun really drains me.  My sister and brother-in-law are from Maine and thought the conditions were HOT and HUMID.  I did not notice the humidity, but they did.  Non-Florida residents, BE PREPARED for hot and humid weather… and be thankful there is no sun thrown in there.
I hope this has shed a little light on what to expect during race weekend.  BE PREPARED to tackle 13.1 miles at 10pm in hot, humid weather.  You were the one who signed up for this race, so sometimes setting the right expectations is half the battle.
* Please note these are my opinions based on last year’s experience.  I am not any sort of professional anything and if you choose to follow this advice it is at your own risk.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday

Have I seen “Favorite Thing Friday” on someone else’s blog before?  I can’t remember, but I like the idea so I will start that here!  Friday is my favorite day of the week, so I figured I would share some of my favorite things with you all.
First up, my Ray Ban Aviators.  Omg, LOVE these sunglasses!  I have had them for a month now and I cannot believe I ever lived without them.  The sunglasses I had previously were the type with the big plastic frames.  I still have these, and like them very much, but in the heat of the summers in So. FLA they were making my face all sweaty, kept sliding down, etc.  Totally annoying.  The aviators are the perfect solution for walking around in the heat and they always stay put.  Mine are prescription too.  At first they weren't sure if the lenses would be too thick for the frames, but since I do not have a very strong prescription they worked out fine!  Why don't I just wear contacts, you wonder?  I am creeped out at the thought of touching my eyeball to put them in.  I am sure I'll get over it one day, but not yet.

Remember my friend Wade who I gave a shout out to on Sunday for completing his first half marathon?  He commented that he didn't mind my taking his photos from Facebook, but could I have used a more handsome pic?  Since he has had a pretty sh*tty week, I am happy to oblige...
How you doin'?
Sorry ladies, he is happily married, but I couldn't resist a classic 'Friends' quote.
I wish 'Friends' was still on T.V.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. Trash talk follow-up.  For those of you who are interested (Trish, Annette)  yes I was able to dump my bag of trash yesterday after work.  And no my car did not smell too funky.  After I sprayed my Yankee Candle Macintosh Apple air freshener it was like my whole blonde moment never happened.

2.  Got in a good run on the treadmill today.  I did 400 meter track repeats, which I am really starting to love.  It makes the run go by so fast.  I also added in a few hills for fun.  Hills for fun, huh, who knew?
Following my run, I was pressed for time, so it took awhile to really cool down.  I was still a hot sweaty mess after my shower, on the way to work.  After about 20 minutes in the car with the A/C on full blast I started to feel better.  Aside, from getting my lazy self out of bed earlier, does anyone have any tips for a good post run cool down?

3.  Over a month ago I saw these cute reusable snack bags on my friend Martha’s blog and loved them.  I hated using so many plastic bags everyday, so I thought I’d give these a try.
Obviously mine are polka dot!

The outside of the baggie is 100% cotton, has a nylon water- and stain-resistant lining and a thick strip of Velcro to keep it tightly closed.  They are ideal for all kinds of dry snacks, sandwiches (they come in 3 sizes) and fruit.  I did keep a couple of small slices of watermelon in one, and the outside of the bag got kind of wet, something to keep in mind.  Plus the bags come in so many cute designs!
You can find them at Mels Sells on, check them out!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trash in the trunk

Thanks for your tips on the “fancy” headers!  As you can tell, I have created one.
I found the amazing website… so… much… fun!  I am pretty sure I am the slow kid because I just discovered this website yesterday.  Now that I have, I will keep going back for more!  If you have never been, go and check it out.  You can do so many fun things with your pictures!
Back in the office for the rest of the week.  Grey cubicles do nothing for me…
Obviously I will put my new found skills to use anytime I can.

Want to hear my blonde moment of the day?
I live in an apartment complex that does not offer trash valet, so I need to take my own bags of trash down to the dumpster.  This morning I carried my bag down to my car and planned on dropping it in the dumpster on my way out.
Half way to work I realized the bag was still in the backseat.  Gross.
Once off the highway, I drove around the dumpster that IS downtown Miami looking for somewhere to get rid of it.  They say downtown Miami is in the middle of a revitalization, I say someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word “revitalization”.  Overpriced, empty condo sky scrapers, does not a revitalization make.
Anyways, every dumpster I saw was in a fenced-in area that was locked.  Apparently trash is a hot commodity in downtown Miami.  Actually I am not that surprised by this.
I was seriously considering just leaving my trash bag on the side of the street.  While at a stop sign I did see a bag of trash on the corner.  That did nothing but encourage me to do it as well. 
Of course I didn’t just leave my trash on the side of the road.  At that point I remembered at work there was a construction team working on removing the black mold from my building (another reason I like working at home), and thought they had a dumpster in the parking lot I could use. 
No such luck. 
Since my company’s campus is at the Port of Miami, I didn’t want to just put my bag of trash in any random trash can.  I was afraid Port Authorities might see me on some security camera and flag me for suspicious behavior and put me on a watch list with the Cocaine Cowboys.  No thanks.
So now my trash bag is in my trunk sweltering in the 90 degree+ Miami day.
I even made a note to remind myself at the end of the day it was in there.
 Who knew dumping trash would be so hard?!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Working at home & my new Passport

One of the perks of my job, aside from the occasional international and cruise ship travel, is that I get to work from home once a week.  I really appreciate this since it is so nice to get a break from the Miami traffic.  It also means I need to only pick out 4 outfits instead of 5 for work each week.  Fridays are “jeans day”, and I never miss “jeans day”, so I really need to only iron 3 outfits per week.  Awesome!
My one bedroom apartment is a tad too small for a dining table and chairs and my desk has my own computer on it, so welcome to my office:
Lapboard and bed it is.  So much comfier than my chair and desk at the office.
Broccoli and supremely spicy hummus also makes a nice mid-afternoon snack!
Usually I will work from home on Wednesdays or Thursdays, saving it for later in the week as a little treat, but this week Monday was the day.
I was waiting for this sweet little bad boy to come in the mail:
Not having a passport in my possession for the past month was making me nervous.  What if I needed to flee the country at a moment’s notice?  For what reason, I have no idea, but I would have been S-O-L. 
Looking through the passport pages does make me sad though…
I had a nice little collection of stamps and visas in my old book.  All those hours onboard planes just leads to a blank book.  I guess I need to get planning a trip that I would need a passport and would guarantee I would get a stamp - cruises don’t usually stamp your book :(
I am driving to Quebec City with my family next month, perhaps I can get the mountie (I hope it is a mountie on horseback at the border crossing!) to stamp my passport.  Doubtful though.  I remember back in the under-21 days when my sister, cousin, friends and I would drive to up Montreal, they didn’t even ask for any IDs at all.  I guess they figured we were a bunch of underage Americans looking to spend money in their country on booze, gambling and clubs (dance & strip), they would just let us have free reign of the border crossing.
I also think it is ironic that the last page of the book is of Space, the Final Frontier, while the Space Shuttle is now conducting its final space flight.  The United States of America will likely not launch another manned space flight for decades.  Sad thought, right?
What is your favorite stamp or visa in your passport?
My visa for China is (was) my favorite, because it's, like, China!
Also, if you had to get your passport renewed, did you get your old one back?  People have told me “yes”, I read online “yes” but it doesn’t come in the same package as the new one.  I am just paranoid… I want all my hard work back.

Make it a great week!

Monday, July 11, 2011

9 Miler in Ogunquit, Maine

My parents live in the town of Wells, Maine, but I knew the route I would run for my 9 miles last Sunday would take me through the cute little town of Ogunquit.  OGT (as it is abbreviated) is a seaside town very popular with New Englanders and Quebecers in the summer time. 
I was planning on taking it pretty easy on my run and even brought my camera along for some pictures, take a look…

Cute little breakfast place in Perkins Cove
Harbor in Perkins Cove
Only in Maine

Shops in Perkins Cove

Perkins Cove from the Marginal Way
running along the water

Main beach in Ogunquit
Heading back into Ogunquit
Town center, The Front Porch is a
piano bar that has been around forever
Main Street in Ogunquit
My parents house is so cute & "New Englandy"
My niece Lily likes to run too!
Overall, it was a nice easy run.  The weather was amazing... 70 something and cloudy.  Really dreamy running weather when compared to the 305.  One thing that really kicked my ass (I could really feel it in my bum all day), was the rolling hills all along the way.  My runs in Florida are flatter than flat, so it seems even just a few hills make a difference.  Need to work on those incline runs on the treadmill before next month's Beach to Beacon 10K!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red-eye from FLL to BOS and my 4th of July weekend

Did you know there was a red-eye flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Boston?  Me neither, but last Friday night I got to fly on it!  My flight was originally scheduled to leave at 10pm, but then got delayed until 11:30 and then until 12:15am.  We finally took off at about 12:45am. 
A two and a half hour delay isn’t so bad, it just seemed worse because I didn’t get into Boston until 3:30 in the morning.  Once my cousin picked me up at the airport (thanks for waiting for me Mandy!), we still had to drive an hour and 15 minutes up to our parents’ places in Wells, Maine.  By the time I got to sleep that night it was 5:30am.  Definitely felt like a red-eye from the west coast situation.  JetBlue did send me a $50 credit though.  I hadn’t even had the chance to complain before the credit showed up, but I am sure others complained… thanks JetBlue!
The rest of the weekend felt like a whirlwind, it was a lot of fun!
I got to see my neice
Thanks Lil for looking at the camera
The only way to get her to look at the camera,
was to give her an ice cream sandwich...
...and to take a "self-portrait" shot.
Whatever works for the 2 year old
Went to the beach – after playing in the sand, Lily was all about her watermelon and chips & salsa lunch buffet

Saw the musical “Summer of Love” at the Ogunquit Playhouse – great 60s & 70s music!

Took a trolley ride into Ogunquit, walked around Perkins Cove & walked the Marginal Way
Public transportation in Ogunquit is by trolley, love it!
Lily sitting with the big girls, Laura & Amanda
Perkins Cove - cute fishing/tourist village

Nice walk along the ocean
Played Mini Golf – my team won!  No, thanks to me though, I came in last out of me, my sister and my brother-in-law
Who doesn't love mini golf!?
Two of my cousins ran through the human maze and the rest of us watched and yelled out directions
Enjoyed Happy Hour at the Beachfire Grill – yummy martinis!
Greg is pointing out how my mom is talking and talking
See, still talking
Ate lobster – duh, of course, I was in Maine

Had a campfire in my parent’s backyard and lit sparklers. 

*there was no one under the age of 20 participating in the sparklers.  Are we a little too old now?  I am going with no.
Cousin self portrait

Ran a 5K with the fam on 4th of July – the little area in Kennebunkport known as Goose Rocks is so nice.  Great race with lots of crowd support!
Didn't get a pic of all the runners, so I had
Lily pose with my race bib in the car
Showed Lily how to flip through a book on my iPad
Kids these days know so much about technology
Got some kitty love from my parents cats, Calvin Klein & Liz Claiborne
Cal is seriously the best smelling cat ever!  So weird, but when he
turned up at the cat shelter, he smelled great.  That is why the
volunteers named him Calvin Klein.  True story.
We named Lizzie, Liz Claiborne, to match Cal.
Now I usually just call her Fattie Bobalatti.
She is totally the sweetest cat, so low maintenance.
Visited my friends Celeste & Derek at their new place in Charlestown (as in “The Town”)
No picture, but I should have taken one of their view of the Boston skyline from their roof deck, so awesome!
Good times with family and friends!  Can’t wait to head back up there in August for a week!