Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Once upon a time there were two college roommates, Heather & Jamie, who had crushes on Prince Wills.  They would put up pictures of him in their dorm room, even though now looking back it was totally inappropriate since they were 20 and he was only 14.   Once they left school their crush continued and over the years they would tear pictures of the Prince out of magazines and mail them to each other.  When Heather visited London, she sent Jamie a postcard in the shape of Prince Wills’ head.  Last night, the day before he got married, one last photo was emailed between the two in excited anticipation of his wedding day.  The End.
Are you sure Wills was only 14 when we were 20?

How fantastic was that wedding?!  I was up bright and early this morning and watched every moment of the Today Show coverage.  My favorite part of the telecast was when all of the Royals were making their way to Westminster Abbey and Matt Lauer said “I didn’t know why so much was being made of this wedding, but now that I am witnessing it, it is exhilarating”.

My three favorite moments of the wedding festivities:
The Princes looked so nice in their uniforms
Kate's dress was absolutely beautiful
Such a nice touch when they left the Palace on their own
I have been reading up on the Royals a lot lately – Why isn’t Prince Philip called King? (the male spouse does receive that title, nor the designation of His Majesty, yet female spouses do)   Will Camilla be called Queen?  (she certainly can if she wants to, they will have to make that decision once Charles’ ascends to the throne)  Do you know who the first 13 people in line to the throne are?  I do.
Kate’s dress was beautiful, the hats were so fun and Wills looked as handsome as ever.  What better way to start the weekend than with a fairy tale!
What was your favorite part of the wedding?

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  1. I loved watching the wedding, there is a 20/20 special on tonight, can't wait!