Friday, August 19, 2011

Guest Post: Annette!

Once again, I am MIA this week since I was in Vegas for work.  This is the third time I have attended this particular conference; it is great, but exhausting!  Very glad to be home and no longer living out of my suitcase.
While I get unpacked and caught up here at home, I have another Guest Post for you!
Today I have one of my BFFs, Annette.  She's also my running buddy even though she lives in Tampa and I live in Miami... at least we get together for the races!  Enjoy!
How long have you been running? 
I have been running since May 2009.  My best friend Heather (me!) convinced me we could totally run a 5K in October 2009 (Tower of Terror 5K) and we have not looked back since. 
Tower of Terror 5K, October 2009
What do you like about it? 
I love the rush of adrenaline you get the day of a race.  I love the sense of accomplishment you feel after you finish a race whether it is a 5K or a half marathon.  I love the feeling knowing I am setting a great example for my kids.  And of course, I love receiving the bling at the finish line.   

Have you run a Disney race before? 
Yes, I have a number of Disney races before.  My first 5K was Tower of Terror 5K, Princess Family Fun Run 5K (Jogging Stroller Division) in March 2010 . ***This is Heather – remember that story I told you about the Princess 5K?
Expedition Everest Challenge 2010 & 2011, partners with Heather and our team name is “All About the Medal”.  Read that story here.  Wine and Dine Half Marathon Relay in October 2010.  My husband, Brian, was my partner.  My first half marathon was the Disney Princess half marathon in February!  ESPN 5K in March this year where I got my PR for 5K.  Plus there are a couple more Disney races coming up this year!            
Princess Family Fun Run 5K, March 2010
What did you think? 
I love Disney Races!  Disney knows how to put together a great race!   

What are you looking forward to? 
I am looking forward to running the Disneyland half marathon with Heather, Jamie and of course having Leah there to cheer us on.  I am so excited a race weekend could bring best friends together.  I am also excited that I can share the experience of the Wine and Dine half marathon with Heather and Leah, and of course Brian, since we will be running the half marathon Relay together again this year.   
Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay, October 2010
Any other running-related stories? 
I have tons of running related stories.
***This is Heather – I guess she’s not going to share any of those stories here :) 
Thanks again for the great guest post Annette!  Two weeks until we are Disneyland-bound!!


  1. Have fun in disneyland, keep up the good work!

  2. That's an awesome Disney running resume! The Everest one looks like a total blast!

    Have fun in Disneyland .... ONE WEEK!!!!!