Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rest of Wine & Dine Weekend

Friday afternoon after the runDisney Meet Up & Eat Up, I checked into The Beach Club and then headed over to Epcot for some lunch at the Wine & Food Festival.  
This was the 16th year of the Festival and some of things that had evolved at the Festival are the booths the wine and food are in... so cute!

The really good food I tried this year included in the lamb chop from Australia (also mentioned in my race recap post), chipotle taco from Mexico... totally set my mouth on fire, loved it!  Fisherman's Pie from Ireland - yum! 
While at Epcot, I was able to fit in a wine tasting and since my friends were not arriving for a couple more hours, I thought - Why Not!?  It was fun!  
I tried some South Korean wine.  The main ingredient in Asian wines is usually rice (something I learned while in Thailand), which is not that great, and South Korea was no different.  
Apparently that did not keep me from drinking them though :)  Actually their plum wine was really delicious.
I went back to the Beach Club that afternoon and went to hang out by their most amazing pool.  I ran into Leah's parents there!  We hung out while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Saturday morning I volunteered at the Kids Races at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  It was my most fun volunteering experience to date!  I was one of the volunteers to hand out the medals to the kids at the Finish Line.  

Both the kids and the medals were so cute!  

Imagine a bunch of little people charging towards you... absolutely adorable!  Some kids were seriously killing the competition, they were so good!  Obviously Disney Kids Races are untimed and a fun, family event so it really didn't matter who crossed first.  A lot of kids were just running for fun and even went past all of us volunteers with the medals.  I chased after a couple just to give them a medal.
Before the races started a runDisney employee told us that medals were for kids only, no adults.  I thought to myself "Who would want a Kids Races medal?"  Well wouldn't you know, about half way through the morning an older woman in her 60s came up to me.  Here was our exchange:
Her:  "Excuse me, my daughter ran the Kids Races and did not get a medal"
Me:  "Is your daughter a grown up?"
Her: "Yes, she was running with my granddaughter"
Me:  "I'm sorry Kids Races medals are only for kids"
Are you seriously kidding me?!  Aye.

Saturday afternoon before the race was spent at the pool.
Sunday afternoon after the race was spent at the pool.

Sunday night, Leah, her parents and I had a great dinner at Cape May Cafe right at the hotel.  Sunday night was even cool enough for me to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt!  I was so happy!  The girl from Miami was ready to wear warm clothes, and Leah (who is from NY) wanted to wear a sun dress one last time of the season :)  She ended up with jeans, because it really was cool that night - yipee!
After dinner Leah & I headed over to the Dolphin to meet up with Sue, Mark & Geoff.  We did a bit of a bar crawl around the Boardwalk area.  Beach Club (for Leah & I), Dolphin, ESPN Sports Club 

and ended the night at Jellyrolls, the dueling piano bar.  They weren't playing super upbeat music which was kind of a bummer.  But we still had fun.

Leah especially had fun with my camera.  Off I went to get more drinks and she posed for a ton of pics with her medal.  I wonder if I could ever have too many pictures of her with her first medal?????

Apparently not.
This picture below has a funny story...
We asked a random guy to take our picture and he turned around, looked at us and was speechless.  He thought we were twins!  It was so funny!
I guess the bloodshot, glassy, light colored eyes and blonde hair could makes us look sort of similar.  Especially if you are also hammered.
Aahhh...  more good times had at Disney World!

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  1. You were so brave to wear your medal in Jellyrolls! I swear if I did that someone would spill a drink and get all it all over the lanyard - that's my luck. My friend brought her Louis Vuitton purse there one time. I thought she was insane. She was so nervous the entire night, with good reason. I think it was her purse that one time an entire drink tipped and went into!