Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The rest of Marathon Weekend

In an effort to wrap this up before Princess Weekend this weekend, here is what else my family was up to at Disney World during Marathon Weekend...
My parents, sister, aunt & cousin all took part in the Family Fun Run 5K on Friday morning
We took my niece to the Magic Kingdom on Friday afternoon.
Let me just tell you that taking a 3 year old to Disney World is so much more fun than taking a one and a half year old (when she first went).  She absolutely had a blast and was really into everything.  She loved the rides, especially the teacups!

I also found it funny she picked out the same Mickey balloon as she did the first time she was here.
Those suckers are tough, the balloon is still alive and well in my living room!
Lily loves her balloons so much, I never have the heart to pop them and throw them away, so I bring them home with me.
These Disney balloons are like $10 or $15 but you definitely get your money's worth!

She took this great picture with Tigger & Pooh :)
Friday night we had dinner at Portobello at Downtown Disney.
I gave my spectators goodie bags as a thanks for waking up early to watch me run (and walk) around Disney World.
Don't you wish you could come see me in a marathon? :)
After dinner as we walked out of the restaurant there was a band playing, so Lily put on a little show for us.

And the adults all took pictures of her...
Can you tell she is the only kid in our family?

Saturday night we had a Princess birthday party for Lily, she turned 3 on Sunday!

My friend Annette came to visit with her family.  Addison (Annette's daughter) and Lily share the same birthday, so they were both dressed in their "birthday girl" outfits!
They were friends when they first met last year, and they picked up right where they left off, so cute! Lily was sad when Addison left.
A tad dramatic...

Sunday after the marathon, I took a quick nap, then I headed over to Epcot with Amanda and Sarah to meet up with Derek & Celeste.  We did some drinking around the world to celebrate the 26.2 miles.
The Jalapeno Margarita from the Mexico tequila bar is delicious!
We had dinner at the Germany Biergarten Restaurant which was fun and then ended the night at The Boardwalk (ESPN & Jellyrolls)

I have no idea why Derek is doing this.

So that ended our trip in January.  It was such a great time and of course, it went by way too fast!  Luckily I will be back up there in ONE DAY!!


  1. Those pictures of Lily are too cute!! What a fun day/weekend!!!

  2. What a fun time!!

    Jellyrolls looks sooooo empty!!