Friday, May 18, 2012

I have nothing to say

So I'll let the websites I've been reading do the talking...

This is written from the POV of Suri Cruise.
She judges all things about celebrity's children.

She's gonna be Queen of England, in case you weren't sure how the "win" comes into play.
It's clever and very funny.
She definitely won the Gold Medal of Life :)

Have you read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy? 
This Tumbler page makes fun of all the stupidness.
I am currently half way through the third (and last) book.
So far that one is my favorite, but it is by no means a great good book.
I can't believe E.L. James is making bank on her crappy writing.
I've been annoyed since book 1, chapter 1.
Does anyone else think Fan Fiction writing is super creepy?
Is that the same as asking "Does anyone else think blog writing is super creepy?" ;)
When I think of Christian Grey I think of Christian Bale.
I think we can all agree he is bat-shit crazy.
I am surprised I haven't had nightmares.

Say No To Cosmo & the Bachelor's website
Ashley Spivey, one of the bachlorettes from Brad Womack's second season, writes episode recaps on these sites.
She is funny.
Anyone else watch this show?
What did you think of the guys?
I can't even think of anything to say about the guys because I am just so annoyed at myself for watching another season.
WTF am I thinking.
Oh, here's something - Kalon made a terrible first impression.
What... an idiot.

Ok, so maybe I had a few things to say.
Any fun plans for the weekend?
I am heading down to the Keys tomorrow to volunteer for the Keys 100 Ultra Marathon.
This will be my third year.  I still can't believe that people choose to run 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West.  In May.  It's gonna be like 85 tomorrow with chance of thunderstorms.

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  1. I find fan fiction SUPER SUPER creepy.

    Just reading some of the excerpts is traumatizing. I'm annoyed that she is making anything with her terrible writing, but at least she KNOWS that it's terrible.