Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scenes from Alaska

Wanted to post some pics from my Alaska trip in May.
Since I use to live there, this wasn't a typical tourist trip to the Last Frontier.
I didn't go flightseeing, whitewater rafting, fishing, didn't visit Denali NP.
I just went up for the long weekend to enjoy some "regular" time in Anchorage, Talkeetna and Girdwood. 
It was like when you go to your hometown and you just want to hit all your favorite places and catch up with people.  That's exactly what I did and I had an absolute blast!  The entire weekend was just the best!
When I left Alaska, almost five years ago now, I had plenty of the pictures most people take while visiting (mountains, animals, etc.), but I realized I had no pictures of "normal life" or places I use to go to all the time.  Figured those might be nice to have... so here you go...
My first stop as soon as I got off the plane:

Bear Tooth Theater Pub for dinner with Annie, Martha & John.  One of my favorite places ever!  Cheap movies, great food and great drinks!  Came back a second time on Friday night!
Was loving the midnight sun... the daylight always gives me so much energy.

My first full day I drove up to Talkeetna to walk around.  I lived here in 2003, the first summer I spent in Alaska.  Super laid back and a really fun place to spend the summer!

 G Street is where I lived in the cutest log cabin...

The deck is new from when I lived there, and it also wasn't raised up like that.
The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge is where our tour guests stayed.  Beautiful hotel!

 If the weather were not so crappy. you would have a beautiful view of Mt. McKinley, highest peak in North America.  So just imagine you are seeing snow capped mountains.
Alaska may be a huge state, but there are not a lot of places to drive to...
 I almost forgot about all the construction that goes on in the summertime, until I got stopped by a flagger and then had to follow this pilot car.
 I saw a moose while waiting, but all I got was his butt...

On Friday, I started the day off right with breakfast at Snow City Cafe with Missy, Danielle & Bill.  Lots of catching up and lots of laughs!  Spent the afternoon with Danielle and Bill at the Anchorage Museum.  I dragged them to the planetarium, which was kinda dumb - sorry guys!  But the rest of the museum has been expanded since I last lived there, so it was great to see the new exhibits.

On Saturday morning while Annie was at work I went downtown to the Weekend Market.
Local vendors, shopping, coffee, food.  What more could I girl want on vacation?

 Eight stars of gold on a field of blue...

 Captain Cook statue

 Awesome wine bar owned by an old co-worker of mine:
 Balto the sled dog, at the ceremonial start line of the Iditarod.
 One of the motorcoaches from our land tour company... definitely a familiar site!
 Love, love. love all the drive thru coffee huts.
 After Annie got out of work, we went to yoga and then to lunch at Moose's Tooth... sister restaurant to the Bear's Tooth.  Again, awesome food (buffalo chicken salad) and drinks (Hard Apple Ale).
 I don't know who that guy is, but I am kinda annoyed he is in my picture.
 Saturday night we drove to Girdwood for dinner with Danielle, Jen and Annie's boyfriend.  The drive to Girdwood is beautiful along Turnagain Arm.  I never think pictures do it justice.

The sign says it all...

After dinner we went to the Buckaroo Club where Missy & Bill joined us.  Lots of laughs on my last night!
 And before I knew it, I was back on the plane.

I can sum up this trip in three words - food, drinks and fun!  Definitely wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. Great pics! I can't wait to get to go there some day!

    1. Thanks! Alaska is an amazing place, you should definitely visit one day!

  2. This post is freaking AWESOME!!!! It all looks so quaint and I feel like you can just see the fresh, crisp air even through the photos. And the photos, by the way, I pretended were all taken at midnight and it was still bright and sunny! ;)