Sunday, February 13, 2011

A new year means it is time to try something new!

Welcome to my Blog! 
I wanted to start a blog as a way of journaling my running “career”, share my experiences with all of you, and sharpen my social media skills, now so important in the world of Sales & Marketing.  With running, I use the term “career” loosely as I really just got into the sport a little over a year and a half ago.  So far my experiences have been very rewarding and I love the positive, enthusiastic atmosphere at the races.  Whether it is a 5k or a half marathon, the excitement level is the same.  You other runners out there… couldn’t you just talk about running gear, fueling up, recovery and most of all, the runner’s high you get from a great run, for hours on end?  Thought so, me too.
Several friends & members of my family are also runners.  They are all at different points in their own running careers, so I will also share stories about them from time to time.  My cousin Amanda recently started her own blog as well.  She is currently training for this year’s Boston marathon and you can read about her at - yeah Mandy!
My blog name, “Go Girl Go”, came from a post I got on Facebook last month from my co-worker, Trish.  My status update was about how excited I was to run the ING Miami half marathon and her response was “Go girl go!” and I thought… what a great name for my blog – thanks Trish!  She is currently training for her first half marathon, the A1A half marathon in Fort Lauderdale next weekend - go girl go! 
Who knows, maybe this will inspire you (yeah you) to start running, start a blog, or just try something new.  I also thought if I put my running adventures out there for all to read, your feedback would motivate me to keep pounding the pavement instead of just lying on my couch watching TV.  In my defense, there are a lot of TV shows to keep up with!
A big part of my running life includes the runDisney events and I am currently training for my third half, Disney’s Princess half marathon.  It will be held February 27th and I can’t wait!  I’ve got my purple sparkly tiara all ready to go.  I am running with one of my best friends, Annette, and she is ready to go with her pink sparkly tiara.  This will be her first half marathon and I can’t wait for her to get to the finish line and know that she has conquered those 13.1 miles – go Annette!
Throughout the year, runDisney holds several “magical” races in their theme parks.  What better place to forget about the pain your body is experiencing then at Disney!  The courses wind there way through different theme parks and along the way you can have your picture taken with Disney characters, enjoy different bands, parade floats and other random entertainment acts set up along way.  Their events are so well organized and FUN you can’t help but want to go back for more! 
The other runDisney events I will participate in this year are: ESPN 5k on March 5th; Expedition Everest Challenge on May 7th; Disneyland half marathon on September 4th; Disney’s Wine and Dine half marathon on October 2nd.  I will cap off 12 months of running Disney in January 2012 with the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  At the very least, I will run the WDW half marathon, however, in July I will see how I am doing with training and decide whether or not to entice myself with a new challenge and start training for the 26.2 mile marathon.  Finishers of the marathon receive the highly coveted Mickey Mouse finisher’s medal.  The Disney dork in me wants, no needs, that Mickey Mouse medal!  But like I said, I will see how I am doing in July and make a decision then.
So that is my story, let’s see how it goes…


  1. Love the blog Heather! Can't wait to follow your Disney adventures this year. You know how I feel about running the marathon in January. Go For it!

  2. Love the blog Heather!!! I want to do the half Disney with you. Let's plan some other races,,

  3. Heather, I love the blog. I am so excited that we have shared some running adventures already and I look forward to many more Disney races together

  4. I found running about the same time as you! Congrats on all of your racing accomplishments! I love your blog and am really excited to start following it! Keep it up!!

  5. love your blog heather!! so wish i lived closer so i could participate with you girls :) it makes me remember how into running i was a few years ago (pre-kids) and in what great shape i was and therefore how great i felt about myself! you are inspiring me to start running more once again :) half my battle is finding time to do it, but i know i can...i remember how crazy you girls thought i was for running on vacation, but now you know how great you feel and how much more you enjoy your relaxation after you have your runner's high!! i would love to do the disneyland half in september with you girls, but do you have to qualify or something??? anyway, miss you lots! go girl go!!!!