Sunday, March 6, 2011

PR for 3.1 & Volunteering for 13.1

I headed back up to Orlando on Friday afternoon so I could participate in ESPN The Weekend 5k on Saturday morning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
If you are wondering, yes my car can make the drive to Orlando pretty much on its own at this point.  While it wasn’t ideal to drive up two weekends in a row, I needed to get in the ESPN 5K so that I could complete all Disney races by January.  Nothing special happens if I do that, I am just a Disney dork who figured I would give all the races a shot this year.
Friday night I met up with Annette & Brian at Fort Wilderness for the Hoop-Dee-Do Revue.  I have not seen that dinner show in about 10 years, but not one thing has changed.  The show is the same, the costumes are the same and the food and drinks are the same.  While it is a bit touristy it is still a great time!  Definitely got us laughing. 
Saturday morning we headed over to the Studios for the race.  Mickey & Minnie were there bright and early for pictures and there were a couple of pro athletes at the start and finish lines to cheer us on.  A few members of the Harlem Globetrotters were there and there was also a player from the Packers as well.  I love sports, especially baseball and football, but if someone is not on the Red Sox or Patriots, the chances that I remember their names is quite slim.
The race was great, I love running through Hollywood Studios.  I bested my previous PR by 1:08 and was very happy about it!
My Disney character favs

Fabulous Disney bling
We spent the rest of the day playing in the park, love, love, love the Toy Story ride!    I also got my picture with a Harlem Globetrotter… they are so tall!  I also saw Kevin McHale, Karl Malone and Alonzo Mourning doing an interview for ESPN.
Basketball players are tall
Kevin McHale & Karl Malone

Back here in Miami this morning I was able to volunteer at the Miami Beach 13.1 half marathon.  I am a volunteer with the Miami Dolphins Special Teams group and today we were at the post race party handing out information on the Dolphin Cycling Challenge taking place in November.  It raises money for cancer research and last year, its first year, the Challenge raised over $500,000.  Definitely a great fundraiser!
It was fun to watch the half marathon participants at the start of the race as well as nearing the finish line at Mile Marker 13.  Before the race you can see the nervous energy all runners are feeling and as they approach the finish line you can see some of them digging deep to get to the end.  It is great to observe other runners, because you then know you are not alone in your anxiety, nervousness and extra efforts in those last miles.
I really think that all runners should volunteer for a race once in their life.  It will make you appreciate other runners and the goals you accomplish all the more!
Now it is time to go and watch "The Amazing Race", my most favorite Sunday night show ever!
Awesome sand castle at post race party

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  1. Hi Heather! Flying in from the Run for the Bling of It. Congrats! I agree with you on the volunteering. Thinking about volunteering for a 1/2 soon.

    By the way, kudos to you for this line: "I love sports, especially baseball and football, but if someone is not on the Red Sox or Patriots, the chances that I remember their names is quite slim." Yeah, I live in the Boston area....