Saturday, January 14, 2012

Team Gab Virtual Race!

As I patiently wait for my sister to send me pics from last weekends Disney Marathon Weekend, I wanted to tell you all about an awesome virtual race...

Heather (who is awesome and has an awesome name!) over at 365 days of awesome is holding a virtual race and fundraiser for her daughter Gabby.  
Gabby is 5 years old and last year was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She has been going through treatment for the past year and still has another year and a half to go.
Heather is raising money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.  Click here to donate your cold, hard cash.
OR if you want to do some running, click here to find out how you can win some cool prizes, log some miles and donate to a good cause.
I have already donated and will be running the ING Miami Half Marathon at the end of this month for Gabby.
Please stop trying to decide if you should donate to a company that researches cures for pediatric cancer.  Just do it already.  $5 is not too little for a donation and $5 is not too much for you to spend.
Thank you for reading this and, if you are able, thank you for your donation!

P.S.  Who else is excited for the Patriots/Broncos game tonight?
I never thought we would be playing the Broncos, but since this is the case...

Dear God, please let this be Tim Tebow's last game of the season.

Hey if good ol' Timmy can pray for sh*t, so can't I!

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