Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not your Grandma's cruise ship

For most people when they think of cruise ships, they think it is all buffets and old people. 
While that may be sorta true :) cruising has really come along way in just the last 5 years. 
I have mentioned on here before that I work for a cruise line, and I think it is one that has really redefined the industry. 
I don't like to talk about work much on the blog, because it is pretty much the same thing every day, but this past weekend I participated in the two 2-night inaugural sailings we had for our newest ship. 
The sailings were invite-only events to introduce her (ships are always "her") to the North American media & trade. 
The ship was the fourth one in a "class" of ships we have in the fleet.  These ships are so beautiful, sleek and chic... they offer our guests a truly Modern Luxury vacation. 
Take a look at some of the amazing spaces onboard...  
The Lawn Club with oversized Adirondack chair & yes, that is real grass
What would a Lawn Club be without some lawn games?!
Art Studio where you can take beading, painting, etc. classes 
Pool area
My favorite chairs onboard, so comfortable.  Definitely nap-worthy!
Tree in the atrium with the Hideaway behind 
Comfy reading nook in the Hideaway 
Another reading spot in the Hideaway
The cruise line is an authorized Apple reseller and all of our internet
cafes are being converted to iLounges.  You know how busy Apple
stores are in your mall?  It is pretty much the same scene here.
Cellar Master Wine Bar
Lots of enotech machines and wine choices 
This one is for my family - Peju wine!  Yum!
Martini Bar 
Love these silver chairs and the textured wall behind them
Shopping Gallery
Quasar, the nightclub 
Love the yellow they incorporated into this Quasar and love that carpet, so fun!
On the weekend sailing Kenny G. was onboard and performed a concert in the atrium Saturday night.  Check out my crappy BlackBerry pictures.  

I didn't have my camera with me because I thought "Why do I need a picture of Kenny G", but then got caught up in the excitement I just had to have a picture.
He sounded truly amazing! 
The ship was piping the music from the concert through to the other venues onboard (lounges, restaurants, etc.).  I was having dinner with some co-workers at the creperie and it was really nice to be able to hear the music from the concert! 
Kenny G. even performed the theme from "Titanic", which sounded beautiful. 
Before he played that song he told the crowd "You'll think this song is so appropriate or really, really, really inappropriate" :) 

As the ship returned to NY harbor on Sunday morning, we went under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  You know, the bridge that is Mile 1 of a certain marathon.  I could see the flood lights on Staten Island which I can only imagine was for the Athlete's Village.

Just ignore all the salt on my stateroom window!
A fun, useless fact... I have visited the Verrazano Family winery in Tuscany and they have a piece of steel from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  Somewhere on that Bridge is a piece of rock (or stone) from the winery in Italy.

Beautiful morning in Manhattan
It is nice to have a little break from the office.  Spending 5 days working on a cruise ship is always ok in my book! 
This fall has been a little hectic with travel and there may be one more trip in my near future... as in tomorrow.  I find out today for sure and then I will let you know!

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  1. Wow! Perhaps I should start going on cruises! I would have never guessed these photos were on a ship!