Tuesday, November 1, 2011

San Francisco

Two weeks ago (wow I do a great job of keeping up this blog...) I was in San Diego for work.  Since work was done at 5pm on Friday, I decided to fly up to San Francisco for the weekend.  While I love San Diego and would have loved to have spent more time there, I was looking forward to visiting my cousin Amanda who moved to San Francisco in August.  Also San Francisco is my favorite US city ever, so I could not wait to get up there!
I got there late Friday night, so we just hung out at her place where she showed me her new purchase... Apple TV.  Omg, I fell in love and now have one of my very own :)  That is probably why I haven't been good with keeping up the blog.
Saturday morning we headed out for 10 mile runs.  Mandy is like minutes faster than me per mile, so she went with her friend Katie and I headed down to Fisherman's Wharf on my own.
What a great city to run in... what a great city overall... love it there!

Sea Lions at Pier 39
The Rock - Alcatraz
The Bush Man taking a break.  Scares my mom every time!
Golden Gate Bridge
Saturday afternoon we headed out of the city and up to Sonoma for some wine tasting!
I know this is just a bridge, but it is so beautiful!
We even got to meet up with my one of my BFFs, Jamie, in Sonoma!  She lives nearby and left her husband alone with the 3 kids for the afternoon.  His first time with all 3 kiddos - thanks Wyeth!  We hit up two wineries but did not get a single picture together.  Oh well, we were all way too busy talking and catching up.  Fun day!

I've never been to CA wine country in the fall,
so I loved seeing all the grapes ready for the harvest!
Saturday night and Sunday included a lot of walking around town and stopping at one amazing place after the other for food & drink, just what you want to do on a relaxing weekend in San Francisco!  If you have never been, go now.  Best city ever.
View from Mandy's roof deck - amazing!

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  1. I can't count my trip when I was maybe 4 or so. So other than the airport, I've yet to visit SF. This makes me want to go!