Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WTF is going on?

Up until Ryan, Michael & team won the gold in the 4 x 200m relay last night, the whole world felt topsy turvy.

Phelps wasn't getting it done old school.
Lochte wasn't getting it done new school.

It didn't seem like anyone in London was even attending the Olympics.

Empty seats?  Uh why?

People are calling a female swimmer from China the "Mandarin Mermaid".
I am thinking "teenage boy" is a better descriptor.

Mitt Romney thinks it is 2002 and he still belongs at the Olympics.  Can someone please tell me why he was on an international trip to "observe and learn"?  The only thing I got from this trip is he likes to say weird things like "Anglo-Saxon" and "hand of providence", the Brits call him "Mitt the Twit' and his press secretary supposedly told the press to "kiss my ass" for trying to ask Romney questions.

WTF.  So embarrassing.  Can't America just keep him hidden like a dirty secret until we would actually have to expose him to the world should he become elected?  Aye.

Also, can someone please explain to me why people are so mad about NBC not airing the Olympics live on television?  An actual thought out response, not just "Well I want to see... blah, blah, blah"
Absolutely everything is being shown online.  Hop on your computer and the (Olympics) world is your oyster. I want to see the swimming live, so I hop online to view those heats and finals.  Awesome.  

Are people mad that you can see results on Facebook or Twitter or (or other news site)?  Don't look.
Social media and the internet is what it is.  These events are happening when they happen and there is no reason in the world why people shouldn't post, comment or tweet about it.
Do people say "Don't spoil the Super Bowl"?  No. 
Everyone has two choices:  See it live online or as part of a highlight reel each evening.
I mean really, that is all NBCs primetime coverage actually is anyways... a highlight reel. 
Perhaps your job, life, whatever does not afford you the chance to see the events live online, but as the saying goes... such as life.  The events are still happening.

So now that I am done my little rant, I'd like to end today on a positive note.

Team USA women's gymnastics... um, wow!  What a bunch of tough bitches.

They absolutely rocked it last night!  Can you even imagine doing what they do?
The cutest thing was this morning on Twitter when they were all excited that Justin Bieber tweeted and followed them.

Last night they became Olympic Champions.
Today... bam, they are back to the sweet teenage girls they are.  So cute.


  1. Ok I could NOT agree more with all the complaining about NBC's coverage! There's a time delay and they can't show it live on TV so GET over it! I've been watching all the big events online as well and it's awesome. Thank you for venting with me :)

  2. I like this post! Sums up my thoughts. However, with that said, I wish NBC would just start airing it at 7pm or 6pm. I'm old. I can't stay up until midnight. And I can't watch it online live. BUT I already know results by the time it airs, so I'm not crushed when I fall asleep like the grandma that I am!