Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots of movies & a recipe

Happy Inauguration Day!
All the pomp & ceremony & tradition surrounding the inauguration is so intriguing.  I love all that stuff!
Having a three day weekend was also great!
The blue Dawn/vinegar mixture I mentioned on Friday worked wonders on my bathtub.  Not perfection, but it worked better than Comet or bleach!
This weekend I saw two great films, Argo & Silver Linings Playbook.
I absolutely loved, loved, loved Argo.  I can not believe this movie came out in October and I am just seeing it now.  Any type of movie based on a historical event has my immediate attention, and this one most definitely did.  The movie is based on about an event surrounding the Iran Hostage Crisis in the late 70s.
I won't go into details because you have likely already seen this movie :)
If not, you can read about it online :)
Surprisingly, the theater was packed and the crowd actually clapped and cheered at the end.
Yeah, it was THAT KIND of movie.
If you do see the movie it is also worth it read up on the Iran Hostage Crisis and other facts vs. fiction about the creative liberties the movie took.  It's all good stuff.

While the plot of Silver Linings Playbook wasn't bad, it was the acting that was incredible.  I am not surprised all four of the main characters are nominated for Oscars and that Katnis... er, I mean Jennifer Lawrence, won the Golden Globe.  She was GREAT!

This fall and winter I have watched quite a few movies.  Spending a lot of time on planes and cruise ships (for work, not vacation - BIG difference) will do that to you.
Here is what I watched:
Bachlorette - great
Your Sister's Sister - ok, but still good
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen  - loved
Celeste & Jesse Forever - loved
10 Years - great
Pitch Perfect - loved
Fairhaven - ok, kind of good at the end
Liberal Arts - liked it
To Rome With Love - sucked
Ted - hilarious (raunchy... you are warned)
5 Year Engagement - ok, good mindless entertainment.  Plus it was free on the ship.
What to Expect When You're Expecting - see 5 Year Engagement
When trying to think of new, or different, recipes to make I keep thinking about Shepherd's Pie, yet I never make it.
Well, I finally made it this weekend.
I used this recipe, and it was delicious.  I loved that there were red peppers in the recipe.  Something different. 
A few changes I made:
In place of sour cream in the potatoes, I used greek yogurt and it tasted great
I used ground lamb vs. ground beef, not sure this made a difference
I didn't use parsley, and next time I wouldn't bother with the butter either

Since I live alone, I ended up dividing the meat and potatoes into three different dishes so I would have smaller portions and I could put two in the freezer for a later date.  I love to just pull ready made food from the freezer!

Have you seen any great movies lately?  Recommendations?

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