Friday, February 15, 2013

5 for Friday

1.  Love my Le Creuset tea kettle!  It is the first whistling tea kettle (pot?) I have owned and I love it.  Hearing the whistle makes me so excited.  This is so weird and random, I know.
2.  I suck at training plans.  No idea what is wrong with me.  I map out a  plan and then don't follow it.  At all.  Awesome.  No running for me right now, I am all about yoga.  It hurts so good.

3.  Anyone wanna buy a Georgia 1/2 marathon bib?  It takes place March 17th.  I registered last year during the super cheap registration blitz, but am now unable to go.  Definitely bummed because I have never been to Atlanta before.  Any interest, let me know! 

4.  One week until vacation!  Who doesn't love a good vacation countdown?  I am going on a tropical vacation, so I downloaded the Bob Marley "Legend" album last night to get in the mood.

5.  How cute is this baby?  I saw this on Facebook and it had me cracking up for hours.

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