Friday, February 22, 2013

5 for Friday / Princess Half Marathon Edition

1.  The 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend in upon us!  Good times ahead.  This will be my fourth weekend at Disney for the race.  I am not running this year, but I will be cheering everyone on.

2.  Check out my recaps from 2011 & 2012Both years I had a blast!  My pictures are terrible from last year though, so blurry.  It's because I uploaded them from my iPad via some crappy blogger app.  I need to re-upload (is that word?) those.

3. Best tips for a Disney race:  Don't be late, there will be a lot of people / HAVE FUN!

4.  Let's all hope that 30% chance of rain for Sunday morning passes right by Disney World.  I don't want to spectate in the rain and you don't want to run in the rain :)  I happily admit I am a baby about the rain.

5.  Good luck to all you Princesses out there!  Especially Annette, Martha, Sue, Daniella & Kelly!

1 comment:

  1. Spectating might be more fun than running!! Have a great weekend!