Friday, September 2, 2011

Bag Check

Since I will be boarding my flight tomorrow morning for California and the Disneyland Half Marathon, I thought I would show you what I will put in my bag check bag on Sunday morning before the the start of the race.  I wonder if I could have written a longer run-on sentence? :)  I think I am too EXCITED to care!!
runDisney will provide us with a clear plastic bag at packet pick-up.  This is the bag we will need to use if we want to utilize the bag check system during the race.  There will also be a sticker we receive with our race bib number on it.  We will need to put that on the plastic bag before we check it.  The bib number is how the volunteers will match up runners and bags at the end of the race, since who is going to run with their ID?  Not me... your bib is your ID (don't forget to write an emergency contact on the back of it, as well as any medications you take.  I don't usually do this for shorter races, but for a half marathon, it is best to fill it out)
Bag check at the Disney races are usually set up alphabetically and I assume this is how it will be set up Sunday morning.  Sometimes it can be set up by bib number, so who knows which approach they will take here, but there will be signs directing you where to go.
Inside of the clear plastic bag, I will put this little mesh backpack:
Publix is a local grocery store here in Florida and they were giving these away at a couple of Miami races last winter.  I love using these bags, because after the race I can throw away the plastic bag Disney gave me and put on the little backpack.  This way my hands are free to look, touch and admire my newest piece of bling.  :)
Inside the mesh bag will be:
Bengay & tylenol for any pre or post race aches
A baggie with a glob of vaseline to prevent chaffing
Moleskin for the inside of my right foot where I got a blister last week
Chapstick 'cuz my lips are always dry after 13.1 
Gum because I got a serious case of cotton mouth while running in Vegas a couple weeks ago, and I want to be prepared if this happens in Anaheim
And a towel just to ring out the severe sweat that will no doubt develop in my hair during the race
I also pack a dry shirt and a pair of flip flops.  
I am absolutely done with my shoes and socks the minute I cross the finish line, so the flip flops will make me a much happier person on the walk back to the hotel.  I also have the need to change shirts immediately as the one I wear during the race will be soaked in sweat.  To illustrate, take off the shirt you are wearing now, run it under the faucet, ring it out and put it back on.  Is that a shirt you want to walk around in?  Exactly.  So I have a nice dry shirt waiting for me at the end!
Also included in the bag will be my phone (to meet up with my friends) and my camera (for post races photos!).
A few other things I will bring with me to the race...
My shuffle and Nike+ sports bands for my listening and running enjoyment.
Pre race fuel will be a Luna bar and a coffee.  I will use 3 GUs during the race.  One before it starts and the other two at 4.5 and 9 (I was thinking about this yesterday)
As my Disney dorkiness knows no bounds, I will also be including my Princess Half Marathon medal in my bag check bag.  Why you ask?  Since I will be receiving not only the Disneyland Half Marathon medal, but the Coast to Coast medal on Sunday....

I want to get a picture with all three medals after the race.
The runDisney Coast to Coast challenge is when you complete either a half marathon or a marathon at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in the same calendar year.

So what do you think?  Am I forgetting anything?

Enjoy the long weekend everyone, I know I will be loving every minute!!
And please pray that I have NO DELAYS with my flights tomorrow!!  Thanks :)

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  1. Enjoy your race and good luck! I cannot wait to hear all about it when you return!!!