Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vegas High Roller

Here's a Vegas tip for you:  Check into Bellagio on a Sunday night when you know there is a big conference going on.  Ask for a room on a low floor (I hate elevators) and maybe, just maybe, they will give you a Presidential Suite.  Yup, I got to stay in huge Vegas suite for 4 nights!  It was super fun.
The lady at check-in was funny because since I had asked for a room on a low floor but nothing was available, her response to me was "The lowest floor we available is the 29th, but we are upgrading you to a Presidential Suite, will that be alright?"  Ummmm, yes... yes that will be fine.
Walking into the room I felt like the guys from 'The Hangover' with Rihanna's "Live your Life" in the background.  The room was huge... 3 bathrooms, 4 TVs, dining area, living area, definitely larger than my apartment.  Yes I did use all of the bathrooms and the TVs.
Everyone's hotel room looks like this in Vegas, right?
Loved the view from the bedroom.
Slept with my curtains open every night!
In the "Lady's Bath" (not even kidding, it was called that) there was a huge, jetted tub that overlooked Caesar's Palace.  I definitely took advantage of that awesome tub a few times!
They did call me the next day to let me know a room was available on a lower floor if I wanted to move.  That was super nice of them to call, but I told them I was all set :)  Sure I am "that" girl who is a freak and hates elevators, I have no problem with that.  But I am not going to be "that" girl who moves out of a huge suite to go to a lower floor.  That would be just crazy.
I'll stick with this view, thanks
And this one too...
This is the third year I have attended this particular conference, so I knew it would be long days and long nights.  It is a very busy week, but you meet a lot of interesting people representing some of the most unique and luxurious vacation spots in the world.  This year my boss and I met the owner and sales manager of the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.  I was intrigued by what they told us about this place so I had to look it up online when I got back to my room.  Wowza, it looks amazing!  And of course, amazing does not come cheap.  An example: it's about $8,000 for a couple to go there for 4 days.
They did tell us that Dave Matthews brings his family there every year.  They said he is a super nice guy and will even take out his guitar and play for the guests.  This year he did 5 songs, plus one on his ukulele.... I love Dave Matthews Band, so I was obviously eating up every detail they gave :)
Amazing chocolate left as a turndown gift by Bellagio one night
The nights in Vegas consisted pretty much of dinners with clients.  Tao at Venetian, Sensi at Bellagio & Holsteins at Cosmopolitan (which my boss & I had gone to on Wednesday when everyone else from our company was gone - yummy burgers!).  I have been to Tao before and I love it, but I had never been to the other two before.  Both really, really good!
Monday night we were at Tao and since it is an Asian restaurant we got fortune cookies after our meal.  Everyone was reading their fortunes out loud and the senior vice president of sales from my company was adding "In bed" to the end of each one.  Is that appropriate for a business dinner?  Probably not, but it sure was funny.
She definitely did not need to add "In bed" to my fortune, it was most definitely implied...  "Sex is nobody else's business except the three people involved".  Mine was the most risque of the fortunes, so that was not embarrassing at all :)
Random pic of Bellagio
After dinner on Tuesday night my boss & I went to a party thrown by one of the agencies at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand.  It was nice to get out of the hotel for a little while, but I really wanted to just go to bed.  I have been to Studio 54 before and it was just as I remembered... Dark, loud, crowded club.  The DJ that night was great though and the music definitely got me dancing!  After fighting through my tiredness, I was glad I went.
While in Vegas I did get up two of the mornings to get in a 4 mile run outside before the temperatures went above 100... it was like an oven outside during the day and at night.  The mornings were great though, temps right around 75 and it was nice and dry.  I am probably the sweatiest person on the planet after a run, but after 4 miles there my shirt was barely wet.  Loved it.  I ran out of the hotel, went to the left and got to run by the Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Encore, Treasure Island, Mirage... I ran all the way down to Circus Circus and Riviera.  Vegas is another great place to run in the morning.  The streets are not crowded at all and it is fun to see the people still out from the night before.  
Paris, across the street from Bellagio
Looking down LV Blvd. towards Mirage, Venetian, Wynn, etc.
Whether you are in Vegas for work or play it always guarantees a good time!  Can't wait to go back, but I don't think I will be so lucky with the Presidential Suite next time :)


  1. By far, this was my favorite jelly.

  2. That room was AWESOME!!! Who gets that kind of luck except you? I know of no one.
    I don't like Vegas, but your post kind of makes me want to go down for a weekend. We'll see.

  3. SOOOOOO COOOL!!!!!!!

    I freaking LOVE Vegas! I get more excited to have a long weekend in Vegas than I do about going to Disney. Ssh - don't tell Mickey that!

    What a fun time - and a total score on the room!!