Friday, April 27, 2012

35 Things About Me

Since my 35th birthday was on Tuesday, I figured I would share 35 random things about me...
1.  I grew up in New Hampshire
2.  I worked in Alaska from 2003 - 2007 and lived there year round for 3 years. 
3.  Now I live in Miami and think it is the worst... but I stay because I like my job.
4.  My middle name is Beth
5.  My nicknames are HB, Heath and Heather Beth.
6.  The nickname my sister use to have for me was the blonde, cheerleading, sorority girl named Heather.  So basically a bimbo :)
7.  I have one sister, Sarah.  But I call her Cheekies.  It comes from "chica" and I have been calling her that since high school.  I have now taught my niece that that is her mother's nickname - awesome!
8.  My first 5K was in October 2009
9.  My first half marathon was in October 2010
10.  My first marathon was this year!
11.  I love Disney and have a season pass.  I am going up there next weekend and I am so excited!  I have no idea why, but the excitement is always there when I visit a park... always.
12.  My favorite Disney park is Epcot.
13.  My favorite Disney hotels are the Wilderness Lodge and the Beach Club.
14.  I worked at the Wilderness Lodge when I was in college.
15.  I hate loathe band aids.  Even clean ones.  The thought of them is making me gag right now.
16.  I also hate elevators.
17.  I also hate birds... their beaks in particular.
18.  For my birthday I got a Dyson City vaccum.  I have used it once and so far I love it!  They aren't lying about the super suction action of the Dyson vaccuums... the amount of my hair it picked up in one use is appalling.  I knew I shed a lot, but ew.
19.  My first car was a Toyota Corolla.
20.  My car now is a Honda Civic. 
21.  My favorite colors are blue and purple.  Surprisingly nothing in my apartment is decorated in those colors.
22.  I really want to get a cat, but I won't because I would feel bad making it live in a one bedroom apartment.
23.  I love to travel and would go anywhere at least once.
24.  Am totally scared of flying, but I obviously do not let that stop me from doing it... often.
25.  Venice is my most favorite city in the world.
26.  Then Barcelona
27.  Then Chiang Mai, Thailand
28.  Then Hong Kong
29.  Then San Francisco
30.  'Friends' is my all-time favorite TV show.  I own the series and still watch it regularly.

31.  I am obsessed with all Apple products, yet I do not own an iPhone.  Work pays for my CrapBlackBerry, so I just feel like it would be a waste to pay for my own phone.
32.  I hate talking on the phone... another reason I don't want to pay for a iPhone.
33.  I try to go to the movies at least once a weekend.
34.  My three best friends & I have been getting together once year since we graduated college.  One lives in Tampa, one in NY and one in the SF Bay area.  We do not live super close, so that is probably why I love that tradition.
35.  35 feels pretty good.  I like growing older, because life keeps getting better! 


  1. #18 cracks me up! Between myself, my cat and my dog vacuuming my one area rug is ridiculous!! I'm surprised the three of us aren't bald with how much hair I end up with.

    I hate unattached band-aids. Grosses me out so much. At Kali we'd see them free floating in rafts all day long. SICK!!!