Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I saw this on Twitter last night and thought it was absolutely hilarious
For you non-religious folk... Holy Thursday = The Last Supper.

2.  Is anyone else wondering how old Jessica Simpson's kid is at this point?
snagged this from
I am thinking... 3.
Why does it seem like she has been pregnant for-ev-er...  it's still just 9 months for humans right?

3.  The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a great article on Jennifer Lawrence and a great review of The Hunger Games. 
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I highly recommend this magazine.  It might scare most people off at first glance since there are so many words (4 column layout), but rest assured, the writers at Rolling Stone are very good with those words.  Always entertaining, relevant and informative.
Why is this point relevant?  Because I just got my copy in the mail this week.

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