Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adios Black Toenail

Aaahhhhh.... Tonight I got my first pedicure since January.  It felt great!
How can I live in Florida and not have pedicures?
Glad you asked.  I have actually been giving myself pedicures for the past 5 months, but nothing beats a good pedicure from a pro.  Honestly, I have been avoiding pedicures since I ran the ING Miami Half Marathon at the end of January and ended up with a bruised toe nail.
This one was the culprit
That bruised toe made me embarrassed to show any nail stylist (what would you call them?).  Luckily I never lost the nail  (THANK YOU LORD), it eventually just grew out.
After many, many months under the cover of purple, green and dark red polish my toe nail looks normal and tonight I was so happy to have the rough skin scrubbed off my heels :)
Is this a little graphic for some?  Sure, probably.  But for runners... you know what I am talkin' about!
The toe box on my old sneakers was just too tight and at the end of 13.1 miles I wanted my shoes and socks OFF!  It did not feel great.  
Now that I have running shoes that I LOVE...
Sauconys rule!
I can't believe that I ran for year and through 3 half marathons in shoes that just killed my feet, ankles and legs.  I will never name names, but I went to a real running store, got analyzed on a treadmill and then fitted for the shoes that absolutely haunt me to this day. C'est la vie... yet a big F-U to the runner's store at the same time.
I love my shoes now.... Saucony ProGrid Guide 3... love them!  I bought these bad boys at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo.... it was super crowded that day, I was rushing to try them on, they were only $60 and when I put them on, they felt like they were giving my feet a little hug.
Woman's intuition... yea I am sticking with that.
P.S.  Don't worry I will not regularly show pictures of my feet and yes I do know the 2nd and 3rd toes are slightly webbed... if you think this is bad you should see my sisters.  Maybe she will let me take a picture next weekend when I am home.  Doubtful, but I will try.


  1. Hahaha. I've been putting off a pedi since I started training for Princess last fall - all the while complaining about my creepy feet :D. I've committed to getting one before I go to Florida next month!

    I also looove my Saucony Pro Grid Guides!

  2. Yeah, my toes are never touched by ANYBODY! I'm constantly having to update the polish - and when I finally took it all off to paint from scratch I noticed 2 of my nails are bruised. Bummer. I went so long without that happening, but I suppose 3 half marathons in 2 months had to take its toll somewhere!

  3. I can related to the pedicure thing! I didn't get a pedicure between fall and the Boston Marathon because of running. After the Boston Marathon I finally treated myself to a nice pedicure! It was heavenly.

    Glad you found shoes you love!


  4. I understand about the toe nail. REmember mine last year in AZ. My toe nail story did not have a happy ending like yours....
    PS..can't figure out why I can't log in and post under my account