Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hong Kong Heartbreak

Who watches ‘The Bachelorette’?  Who likes to travel?
I am pretty sure this post will appeal to a variety of people.
First, Ashley and that disaster she calls Bentley.  Well done telling him to F-off… now on to the real men, and by real men I mean J.P. (for sure) and Ben F. (just because I am a sucker for wine and shaggy, curly hair).  I really hope these two make it to the final episode, the others are just wasting my time.  I watch this show every season and hope it turns out differently and it usually does not.  Please Ali and Roberto do not break-up.
ABC has finally caught on to the fact that Americans LOVE ‘The Amazing Race’, so they have been sending their Bachelors and Bachelorettes to foreign lands to find love.  Fine by me, I love travel probably more than the next person.  Totally love that they were in Hong Kong this week. 
I have been lucky enough to have visited this ridiculously amazing place for WORK (a.k.a. free!), and it ranks in my top 5 places on Earth.
My top 5 places on Earth
1. Venice, Italy
2. Barcelona, Spain
3. Hong Kong, China
4. Chang Mai, Thailand
5. It’s a tie…
San Francisco - I would never want for anything here (except maybe lower prices on everything)
Alaska (too many places and too many memories to pinpoint one exact location) - 
like New England, it will always have a piece of my heart

What did I do for work in Hong Kong?  As I mention in the Me and My Blog section, I work for a cruise line and was asked to take part in one of our Loyalty cruises.  For 8 nights onboard the ship I mingled with our most loyal cruisers at reunion get togethers each night before dinner, conducted a presentation on our cruise/land programs, helped out at beading and arts & crafts classes...  those were the good times.  We also unpacked, moved and delivered gifts to the guests, then sorted and packed up everything before we got off of the ship.  Working late into the night was not out of the ordinary, however, it was not that tough given that while in port we were free to explore, and explore we did!
Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
JUMBO Restaurant where Ashley had the cocktail party and rose ceremony
The rejected guys were floated away on Sampans
All of this was taking place in Aberdeen Harbor.  There you will see several families' fishing boats all tied together.  Really incredible.
Hong Kong is an amazing place, where most residents live a vertical existence
I love all the signs found in an Asian city, makes it feel alive!
As a true Disney dork, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit Hong Kong Disneyland!
public subway to the park
Gateway to Hong Kong Disneyland!
Familiar site, just in Hong Kong!
Mickey & Minnie are still the same no matter where they are

Judging from my hair, it was windy that day!!
Tomorrowland was small, but Space Mt. was Disneyland awesome!!
Those of you who have been to WDW and DL know what I mean :)
Small World... the pretty version.  Plus you get the
mountains on Lantau Island, beautiful!
Favorite memory from HK Disneyland...
The Jungle Cruise was in Mandarin!  Awesome!
Since we had the hook up onboard the ship, we were able to enjoy the sail out of Victoria Harbor from the Bridge... incredible!!

Hong Kong, I will be back :)


  1. Holy crow, chick, you are living my dream life. Those pictures are great, I love the Small World, so pretty with the mountains in the background! I totally m la why you mean, Disneyland Space Mountain FTW!

  2. Beautiful pics! Looks like an AWESOME time.

    Barcelona is on my list, too! Shall we do a reunion cruise? Heather's here!

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. I've never seen those Bachelor/ette shows before. But more important, thanks for sharing all of these photos! They were really cool!

    And it is so strange to see the Disney photos. It is like they are very familiar, yet something a little different. I like it!