Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

I spent most of last weekend either outside or in the water.  It was a fun (and exhausting) weekend.
On Saturday morning I woke up and went for a run.  For the first time I used my new Nathan QuickDraw Plus handheld water bottle.  I loved it.  With the strap around your hand you do not have to grip the bottle at all and it does not feel like you are holding anything.
Something so simple like a hand strap completely amazes me :)
I was very excited after my run!
After going for a run, I went to try out the AquaFit class at the LA Fitness Gym by my place.  I love this class!  I knew it would feel amazing after running outside in the heat and humidity.  When I first saw ‘AquaFit’ on the list of classes at the gym I figured it was mostly for the super old and obese (so judgmental!), though I still wanted to try it.  There were people of all ages, sizes and abilities.  I am joining that gym and am super excited to be able to attend this class on Saturday mornings. 
During class we are in the pool (obviously) and we have these plastic dumbbells that create extra drag and resistance in the water.  The workout feels pretty great.  Plus the water feels so good on my arms and legs, it is like a little massage.
Keifer aquatic dumbells are great!
Later that day I drove up to Daytona Beach to see one of my best friends, Leah, and her boyfriend, Andrew, who were there for vacation.  That night we headed into Orlando to meet up with our other BFF, Annette.  It was great to catch up and have some laughs during our 3 hour dinner!  We missed our other BFF, Jamie, but know we will see her in September.
Andrew & Leah, the "Babas"
Love these girls!
I spent the night in Daytona and Leah, Andrew and I stayed up chatting until 4am, whoa!  We were up by 10am on Sunday morning though so we could head right to the beach.
After the required stops at Starbucks for coffee and Publix for sandwiches (BEST deli sandwiches ever!)  we headed to the beach.   Daytona Beach has amazing waves and I am pretty sure Leah and I were in the water for at least two hours straight. 
Best waves ever!
Andrew was in and out of the water as he does not really care for the “sea” too much.  Andrew is from England, so he uses fancier words and has a much better accent than we Americans. 
After becoming completely covered in salt and totally pruney (is this a word?) from the water, we decided to head for land and lay out for awhile.  The girl from Florida (me) and her sun-worshipping friend (Leah) both got pretty red that day (I use SPF 30!), but the fair skinned Englishman barely had any color.  I thought for sure he would burn.  Way to go Andrew.
After “showering” in the pool we headed out for dinner before I drove home that night. 
A fun and exhausting (but in a good way) weekend!


  1. Heather! You blog!!! I had no idea. Love this post. Sounds like you're having such a great life in the Sunshine state. (Right?)
    Anyway, I look forward to reading your future posts.

  2. Awww, the ocean. Love it!

    I have a Nathan's handheld too. It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when I finally thought it. LOVE it!!

  3. That water bottle does look cool - I need to go check one out!