Friday, June 10, 2011

Gift From Across the Pond

After I pushed “Publish” on my post from the other night, I got up from my desk and walked into the kitchen and totally forgot something I wanted to show you all.  There staring back at me from the refrigerator was the Wills & Kate magnet Andrew (my BFF Leah's fiancé - they got engaged this week!) had brought over from England!

He had several different pictures to choose from and when I saw them on Saturday night I shouted out “Woooooo!!!!!!”… oh yeah, I am a “Woo Girl” (How I Met Your Mother anyone?).
I was very excited to have my own little trinket from the Royal Wedding – thanks Andrew!
As you can tell from the picture, I am also a crazy magnet lady.  I have so many from my travels, but they all bring back happy memories!  I have since moved on to Christmas tree ornaments... shopping while traveling is a requirement, right?

Here is a ‘Friday Confessions’ for you…
Do you ever wash, dry and fold a load of laundry, but then never get around to putting it away?
I think this week was a record.  I am going on 7 days from moving the clean clothes from my bed - which is where they stay during the day…

To my desk – which is where I move them to at night, so I can sleep in my bed…

I have no idea why I can’t take the 6 steps from my bed to my closet to put these clothes away.  At least they are not the clean, dry towels that have been sitting in my dryer since Tuesday.

I can go over to the dryer to take a picture of them, yet, I can’t pull the towels out, fold them and put them away.  Eh… TGIF, I'll get to them this weekend.
Have a good weekend everyone!  Anyone doing a race?  If so, good luck!
I am so jealous of everyone else in this country who can participate in races this summer.  There is nada going on here in South Florida.


  1. ha! at least you fold them. :) pretty sure I live out of my laundry basket, just shake out the wrinkles and go

  2. I love your laundry tales ... because I am just the same! I had a huge pile of clean clothes on my spare bed. So then I pulled out the ironing board to help. I folded clothes and stacked them on the board. And put clothes onto hangers, which then hung off the board. 90% of them are put away now, but the rest are still there. I'm just not motivated to move the winter clothes that I don't need to wear right now. I should put them away tonight. I know I won't.