Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting Organzied

Since the official start of summer was last Tuesday, I figured I would start off this new season getting organized.  Living in a one-bedroom apartment, I do not have a whole lot of storage space, so I really need to take advantage of every inch of space that I have.  It can (and does) get disorganized very easily.

Kitchen cabinet, before

Kitchen cabinet, after

I am trying to be more organized when planning out meals for the week

Totally went crazy on my closet and dresser, getting rid of any clothes I have not worn in awhile.
My donation to Goodwill

Closet, before

Closet, after

I realized I already had many things on hand that could help me be more organized.
I used my LL Bean bag to hold all of my smaller bags and totes

The bottom storage cube holds my “winter” shoes (Danskos, Uggs, etc.) and the top cube holds my flip flops

I decided to put everything I don’t use very often up on the top shelf.  You would think that was a given, but it took a while for this blondie to figure out :)

Bathroom cabinet, before

Bathroom cabinet, after

Is there a time of year when you find yourself wanting to get more organized?


  1. My work van could really use your organizing expertise. It's a complete mess!
    I'm very impressed with how well you store everything in your one bedroom.
    Hope you're well!

  2. I have been doing the exact same thing lately! My house is old with very minimal storage. I have to be creative to make it all work. I'm thinking another donation pile is going to be created pretty soon. Your work looks successful -- I might need you to come and save me from my disaster I'm creating! I always make it worse before it gets better!