Thursday, June 30, 2011

Household Exercise "Equipment"

Lately I have been using my rolling pin to massage my legs muscles.  It works great and there was no need for me to go out and buy a foam roller or rolling muscle massager.

Good thing I don’t bake often.

Do you use any household items (towels to help stretch or can goods as weights) to help you exercise?


  1. Oh my Gosh, that cracks me up! What a brilliant idea!! :)

    I use a tennis ball to get knots out of my shoulder. Not sure if that's common in everyone's home, but it certainly is in mine!

  2. My ankles and ankle flexors have been taking a beating with my new "hobby." I haven't found any miracle way to stretch before my runs, but I've recently began trying to loosen things up down there by rotating my feet around in big circles about my ankles; trying to go about 25 times around, each way, each foot. Seems to have some positive effects.
    Maybe I'll try the rolling pin thing, too. It's a good idea.

  3. When I realized I wanted a roller of some sort I remember being bummed that I didn't have a rolling pin in my kitchen. I totally would have used that if I could have!

  4. Yes!!!! I totally use a rolling pin, particularly on my shins when they can't take the pressure of the foam roller!!

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