Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. Trash talk follow-up.  For those of you who are interested (Trish, Annette)  yes I was able to dump my bag of trash yesterday after work.  And no my car did not smell too funky.  After I sprayed my Yankee Candle Macintosh Apple air freshener it was like my whole blonde moment never happened.

2.  Got in a good run on the treadmill today.  I did 400 meter track repeats, which I am really starting to love.  It makes the run go by so fast.  I also added in a few hills for fun.  Hills for fun, huh, who knew?
Following my run, I was pressed for time, so it took awhile to really cool down.  I was still a hot sweaty mess after my shower, on the way to work.  After about 20 minutes in the car with the A/C on full blast I started to feel better.  Aside, from getting my lazy self out of bed earlier, does anyone have any tips for a good post run cool down?

3.  Over a month ago I saw these cute reusable snack bags on my friend Martha’s blog and loved them.  I hated using so many plastic bags everyday, so I thought I’d give these a try.
Obviously mine are polka dot!

The outside of the baggie is 100% cotton, has a nylon water- and stain-resistant lining and a thick strip of Velcro to keep it tightly closed.  They are ideal for all kinds of dry snacks, sandwiches (they come in 3 sizes) and fruit.  I did keep a couple of small slices of watermelon in one, and the outside of the bag got kind of wet, something to keep in mind.  Plus the bags come in so many cute designs!
You can find them at Mels Sells on, check them out!

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  1. I *really* kind of love treadmill speedwork. I thought I was the only crazy person who loved it :D

    Thoese snack bags are SUPER cute. SUPER!