Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yoga Showed Me Who's Boss

Last night I did yoga for the first time in months.  Wow, yoga can really kick you in the ass... and your core and your legs. 
I have a Gaiam brand DVD called A.M. Yoga that I bought at Target about a year ago.  There are 5 different 20-minute segments.  Last night I did twists and hip openers.
Even though I haven't done yoga in awhile, I didn't realize how much I actually needed to do yoga.
My hamstrings have felt tight lately, but otherwise I have felt great, strong even... and I haven't had any pain in my left hip, which usually starts to get irritated as I up my running mileage. 
I could definitely feel every one of those twists in the first 20-minute segment.  Could really feel my core muscles stretching out, especially when I did Up Dog near the end.  After sitting at a computer every day at work all hunched over, it felt great to pull the muscles the other way. 
The Down Dogs and Forward Bends worked wonders on the backside of my legs.  After barely getting through the two segments and getting over the shock of how tight my body was I was relaxed and ready for bed!  Need to make sure I keep up this yoga thing.

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  1. I tried yoga ONCE. At home. Alone. With a dvd. I got kind of bored really fast so I think I never gave it a chance to be hard. I still skip it when I do my yoga booty ballet dvds. I prefer to just dance, do the ballet and lift the weights... mostly 'cause I'm a weenie and avoid things that are too hard!