Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trash in the trunk

Thanks for your tips on the “fancy” headers!  As you can tell, I have created one.
I found the amazing website… so… much… fun!  I am pretty sure I am the slow kid because I just discovered this website yesterday.  Now that I have, I will keep going back for more!  If you have never been, go and check it out.  You can do so many fun things with your pictures!
Back in the office for the rest of the week.  Grey cubicles do nothing for me…
Obviously I will put my new found skills to use anytime I can.

Want to hear my blonde moment of the day?
I live in an apartment complex that does not offer trash valet, so I need to take my own bags of trash down to the dumpster.  This morning I carried my bag down to my car and planned on dropping it in the dumpster on my way out.
Half way to work I realized the bag was still in the backseat.  Gross.
Once off the highway, I drove around the dumpster that IS downtown Miami looking for somewhere to get rid of it.  They say downtown Miami is in the middle of a revitalization, I say someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word “revitalization”.  Overpriced, empty condo sky scrapers, does not a revitalization make.
Anyways, every dumpster I saw was in a fenced-in area that was locked.  Apparently trash is a hot commodity in downtown Miami.  Actually I am not that surprised by this.
I was seriously considering just leaving my trash bag on the side of the street.  While at a stop sign I did see a bag of trash on the corner.  That did nothing but encourage me to do it as well. 
Of course I didn’t just leave my trash on the side of the road.  At that point I remembered at work there was a construction team working on removing the black mold from my building (another reason I like working at home), and thought they had a dumpster in the parking lot I could use. 
No such luck. 
Since my company’s campus is at the Port of Miami, I didn’t want to just put my bag of trash in any random trash can.  I was afraid Port Authorities might see me on some security camera and flag me for suspicious behavior and put me on a watch list with the Cocaine Cowboys.  No thanks.
So now my trash bag is in my trunk sweltering in the 90 degree+ Miami day.
I even made a note to remind myself at the end of the day it was in there.
 Who knew dumping trash would be so hard?!


  1. I never heard of that site either! Umm, running there now. Cool!

    I pray you hold your nose this afternoon. LOL!