Thursday, July 21, 2011

Up in Smoke

Tuesday night I tried making this zucchini & squash fritter recipe.
It ended up looking like this...
I really have no idea how that happened.  They were just not cooking.  Just burning.
There are a few fritters leftover that I haven't destroyed, 
so I'll try them in the oven next time.  The look so good!
Since the stench of "burn" was so strong, I needed to light a candle...
By this time it was 8:30, so I just had a glass of wine, a spoonful of peanut butter, 
watched a documentary on PBS about the Royal Windsors and went to bed.  Blah.
Just to clarify, even though I watch PBS, I am 34 and not 74 :)  I do have to say the documentary was very good.  It was about Princess (now Queen) Elizabeth's wedding.

Yesterday I read this blog and saw she replaced the red sauce 
on her homemade pizza with ricotta and pesto... um, yum
So last night's dinner was far more successful than Tuesday night's!
Since I didn't have any Naan hanging around, 
I used an Arnold's sandwich thin for two mini pizzas - love these.
Also wasn't sure if the ricotta would be too dry so I warmed up a side of sauce.
No need for the sauce, the ricotta and pesto together were creamy deliciousness!
My current favorite pizza toppings are broccoli, mushrooms, avocados & grape tomatoes.

Do you ever try recipes you see on other people's blogs?
How do they turn out?
What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Any good documentaries to recommend? 


  1. The 34 year old/PBS comment had me laughing. I listen to NPR all the time and I think, "I'm such a dork!" But, whatever; I love it and I'm not that ashamed ;)

  2. I totally love a good documentary! In college when I was having trouble sleeping for, oh, a whole school year, I would stay up with PBS all night long. I was totally into every Holocaust documentary I could find. And Titanic. Oh man, I have tons of dvds of different Titanic documentaries. To say I am obsessed is an understatement!

    My favorite is just pineapple on my pizza. And sometimes I'll toss on some black olives with it.

  3. those pizzas look yummy!

    I try The Pioneer Woman's recipes all the time. I also have her cookbook and it's pretty good, although not very healthy.

  4. Wade, I listen to NPR every night on my drive home, love it! Need to get in my news somehow since as soon as I get home I watch an hour of "How I Met Your Mother" reruns on the CW.

    FruitFly, I have never tried pineapple on a pizza, but think I need to!

    Victoria, The Pioneer Woman does have great recipes. Not healthy at all though, oh well!