Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Working at home & my new Passport

One of the perks of my job, aside from the occasional international and cruise ship travel, is that I get to work from home once a week.  I really appreciate this since it is so nice to get a break from the Miami traffic.  It also means I need to only pick out 4 outfits instead of 5 for work each week.  Fridays are “jeans day”, and I never miss “jeans day”, so I really need to only iron 3 outfits per week.  Awesome!
My one bedroom apartment is a tad too small for a dining table and chairs and my desk has my own computer on it, so welcome to my office:
Lapboard and bed it is.  So much comfier than my chair and desk at the office.
Broccoli and supremely spicy hummus also makes a nice mid-afternoon snack!
Usually I will work from home on Wednesdays or Thursdays, saving it for later in the week as a little treat, but this week Monday was the day.
I was waiting for this sweet little bad boy to come in the mail:
Not having a passport in my possession for the past month was making me nervous.  What if I needed to flee the country at a moment’s notice?  For what reason, I have no idea, but I would have been S-O-L. 
Looking through the passport pages does make me sad though…
I had a nice little collection of stamps and visas in my old book.  All those hours onboard planes just leads to a blank book.  I guess I need to get planning a trip that I would need a passport and would guarantee I would get a stamp - cruises don’t usually stamp your book :(
I am driving to Quebec City with my family next month, perhaps I can get the mountie (I hope it is a mountie on horseback at the border crossing!) to stamp my passport.  Doubtful though.  I remember back in the under-21 days when my sister, cousin, friends and I would drive to up Montreal, they didn’t even ask for any IDs at all.  I guess they figured we were a bunch of underage Americans looking to spend money in their country on booze, gambling and clubs (dance & strip), they would just let us have free reign of the border crossing.
I also think it is ironic that the last page of the book is of Space, the Final Frontier, while the Space Shuttle is now conducting its final space flight.  The United States of America will likely not launch another manned space flight for decades.  Sad thought, right?
What is your favorite stamp or visa in your passport?
My visa for China is (was) my favorite, because it's, like, China!
Also, if you had to get your passport renewed, did you get your old one back?  People have told me “yes”, I read online “yes” but it doesn’t come in the same package as the new one.  I am just paranoid… I want all my hard work back.

Make it a great week!


  1. It's me, Annette. I got my old passport back in the mail about two weeks after my new one came. I only had one stamp in mine but I still got it back.....

  2. Hmmm I think I got mine back at the same time. Hope yours comes back like Annette's!!! Enjoying your blog!!

  3. I got mine back in a different envelope after the fact!! Favorite Stamp. Singapore!!!