Monday, July 11, 2011

9 Miler in Ogunquit, Maine

My parents live in the town of Wells, Maine, but I knew the route I would run for my 9 miles last Sunday would take me through the cute little town of Ogunquit.  OGT (as it is abbreviated) is a seaside town very popular with New Englanders and Quebecers in the summer time. 
I was planning on taking it pretty easy on my run and even brought my camera along for some pictures, take a look…

Cute little breakfast place in Perkins Cove
Harbor in Perkins Cove
Only in Maine

Shops in Perkins Cove

Perkins Cove from the Marginal Way
running along the water

Main beach in Ogunquit
Heading back into Ogunquit
Town center, The Front Porch is a
piano bar that has been around forever
Main Street in Ogunquit
My parents house is so cute & "New Englandy"
My niece Lily likes to run too!
Overall, it was a nice easy run.  The weather was amazing... 70 something and cloudy.  Really dreamy running weather when compared to the 305.  One thing that really kicked my ass (I could really feel it in my bum all day), was the rolling hills all along the way.  My runs in Florida are flatter than flat, so it seems even just a few hills make a difference.  Need to work on those incline runs on the treadmill before next month's Beach to Beacon 10K!


  1. I still have my Christmas ornament from there.

  2. Look how big Lilly is!! Oh my goodness!!

  3. This is sooooo freaking cute!! I need to visit this place. It totally reminds me of Murder She Wrote!