Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red-eye from FLL to BOS and my 4th of July weekend

Did you know there was a red-eye flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Boston?  Me neither, but last Friday night I got to fly on it!  My flight was originally scheduled to leave at 10pm, but then got delayed until 11:30 and then until 12:15am.  We finally took off at about 12:45am. 
A two and a half hour delay isn’t so bad, it just seemed worse because I didn’t get into Boston until 3:30 in the morning.  Once my cousin picked me up at the airport (thanks for waiting for me Mandy!), we still had to drive an hour and 15 minutes up to our parents’ places in Wells, Maine.  By the time I got to sleep that night it was 5:30am.  Definitely felt like a red-eye from the west coast situation.  JetBlue did send me a $50 credit though.  I hadn’t even had the chance to complain before the credit showed up, but I am sure others complained… thanks JetBlue!
The rest of the weekend felt like a whirlwind, it was a lot of fun!
I got to see my neice
Thanks Lil for looking at the camera
The only way to get her to look at the camera,
was to give her an ice cream sandwich...
...and to take a "self-portrait" shot.
Whatever works for the 2 year old
Went to the beach – after playing in the sand, Lily was all about her watermelon and chips & salsa lunch buffet

Saw the musical “Summer of Love” at the Ogunquit Playhouse – great 60s & 70s music!

Took a trolley ride into Ogunquit, walked around Perkins Cove & walked the Marginal Way
Public transportation in Ogunquit is by trolley, love it!
Lily sitting with the big girls, Laura & Amanda
Perkins Cove - cute fishing/tourist village

Nice walk along the ocean
Played Mini Golf – my team won!  No, thanks to me though, I came in last out of me, my sister and my brother-in-law
Who doesn't love mini golf!?
Two of my cousins ran through the human maze and the rest of us watched and yelled out directions
Enjoyed Happy Hour at the Beachfire Grill – yummy martinis!
Greg is pointing out how my mom is talking and talking
See, still talking
Ate lobster – duh, of course, I was in Maine

Had a campfire in my parent’s backyard and lit sparklers. 

*there was no one under the age of 20 participating in the sparklers.  Are we a little too old now?  I am going with no.
Cousin self portrait

Ran a 5K with the fam on 4th of July – the little area in Kennebunkport known as Goose Rocks is so nice.  Great race with lots of crowd support!
Didn't get a pic of all the runners, so I had
Lily pose with my race bib in the car
Showed Lily how to flip through a book on my iPad
Kids these days know so much about technology
Got some kitty love from my parents cats, Calvin Klein & Liz Claiborne
Cal is seriously the best smelling cat ever!  So weird, but when he
turned up at the cat shelter, he smelled great.  That is why the
volunteers named him Calvin Klein.  True story.
We named Lizzie, Liz Claiborne, to match Cal.
Now I usually just call her Fattie Bobalatti.
She is totally the sweetest cat, so low maintenance.
Visited my friends Celeste & Derek at their new place in Charlestown (as in “The Town”)
No picture, but I should have taken one of their view of the Boston skyline from their roof deck, so awesome!
Good times with family and friends!  Can’t wait to head back up there in August for a week! 

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  1. Fun!! That human maze looks like so much fun. I need to do something like that some day. Looks like a great time all around!